Obama’s Apprenticeship Program As Big A Waste As He Was

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This week’s Golden Horseshoe is awarded to the Department of Labor for $175 million in grants through the Obama administration’s American Apprenticeship Initiative — $155 million of which could have been put to better use, according to a recent audit by the department’s Office of Inspector General. More

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  1. “…”Most apprenticeships (88.5%) did not meet the specialty occupation criteria for H-1B visas, and, often, they were not in occupations using H-1B visas,”…”

    It was never intended replace H-1B Visa immigrants. The corporate oligarchs wanted to preserve their cheaper, harder working foreign labor pool, while the unions needed to be paid hush money.

  2. How about you get the useless assholes to, you know,


    You need a certain amount of brians to be a tradesman FFS, and deezze nuts ain’t got em!

  3. Only 155 mil? Shovel ready much? 🤔
    That’s a rough estimate on the waste of taxpayers dollas’ Odumbo managed to screw us out of.

  4. Virtually every federally funded “inner city aid program” is just a front for some middle aged black gangsters to set up and run election fraud operations with “activists” who often do double duty as drug slingers or prostitutes. They also have a tendency to assault or murder any well-meaning local who tries to take a stand against it.

  5. And now you know where most of 26T$ went……
    Get back to work,the pigs need to slop at the
    trough of your hard earned $$$.

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