Obama’s Still Popular On Martha’s Vineyard

The nation breathed a little easier this week as it was reported that the Obamas were taking the rest of August off from bashing the nation and plotting their next move to “Make America 2nd Rate”and enjoy the hospitality of Martha’s Vineyard.

One local restaurant owner described the experience of the Obamas dining at his establishment as “It was like The Beatles.” More

20 Comments on Obama’s Still Popular On Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Although it’s no Fire Island or Provincetown, I hear Martha’s Vineyard has been a great place for gay men of color to be fawned over.

  2. Never been there and now I have little reason to ever go there.

    Unless they choose to host the gravesite of Teh Won™.
    Then I’ll have to make that trip. Fully hydrated. 😉

  3. “It was like The Beatles.”
    Around here we call them cockroaches..
    Those zany socialists, with their highfalutin’ vocabulary. They probably drink their lattes without a straw, too, though with pinkies still extended.

  4. Next time there’s a big bash party with Barky and Big Maw in attendance, lets drop off a few packs of hungry timber wolves, then cluster bomb the air strip and torpedo the ferries.

    Edit: I guess I’d better say “just kidding”. So, just kidding.

  5. And I’m totally impressed with the percentage of immigrants in the population of Martha’s Vineyard. Right up there with their low income housing units. It is the perfect place to send those ‘cute’ ms13 kids- they’ll love the beaches (sp)

  6. Martha’s Vineyard – the only vineyard I’ve heard of that grows dingleberries rather than grapes.

  7. You know, with the lack of block buster firepower this summer, I’d like to propose a movie title for Hollywood. How about “Escape Martha’s Vineyard,” where high profile liberals are all sent to the MA island that serves as a quarantine center for the politically insane. The movie revolves foiling the plots by America’s enemies to release the Obama’s from their gilded cage on Martha’s Vineyard.

  8. Kamala Harris, the female Barack Obama, will be there next week. It’s going to get deep. Either that, or Barack becomes the female version of himself and runs again.

  9. As long as he’s on Martha’s Vineyard someone should tell Barry to take Moosh on a romantic drive of Dike Road to check out the Dike Bridge, say, around 2:00 AM

    Tell him Ted Kennedy was really fond of doing this

  10. Like the Beatles? Maybe Pete Best. Has member of Beatles on his resume but no real achievements as a Beatles. So yeah, replace Beatles with President and it fits. Was a President but no real accomplishments.

  11. There’s almost always a crisp offshore sea breeze there so the townspeople never notice that he has the constant reek of anus.


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