Offices of powerful Chicago alderman raided by FBI

AT: For 50 years, Alderman Ed Burke has walked the corridors of City Hall, a gigantic presence in Chicago politics.  He got his start in the heyday of machine politics in the city, when Mayor Richard J. Daley wielded national power.  Over the decades, he gained enormous influence, largely by wheeling and dealing through his considerable network of city power brokers in politics, business, and “The Organization” – the term used to described organized crime in the city.

Burke has been an expert in avoiding indictment and jail, largely because most of his business is conducted face to face.  He has been smart, savvy, and one step ahead of authorities, who, several times, have sought to bring him down.

His aides have been indicted and convicted, his friends have gone to jail, but Burke has managed to outsmart prosecutors.  Now his number may be up.

FBI agents raided his City Hall and ward offices yesterday and walked away with boxes and boxes of documents, as well as computers.  Does the government finally have Ed Burke dead to rights?

Don’t bet on it.


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  1. The FBI sure does seem to be getting busy in the big city governments. They sure are crawling all over the City of Atlanta. Hmmm…

  2. …he’s a Democrat, so he probably just called the FIBs in himself as an evidence disposal team. Its a service they provide for big Ds now, and they’ve been getting a LOT of practice at it these last couple of years…


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