Ohio Sheriff Receives Death Threats After Billing Mexico $900,000 – IOTW Report

Ohio Sheriff Receives Death Threats After Billing Mexico $900,000

ConservativeFiringLine: Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones is at it again.  You might remember a column I wrote about him not too long ago, when he was cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens.   Well, he has now sent a bill to the government of Mexico for the amount of $900,000.

sheriff Jones, ohio

He explains that it is reimbursement for “taking care of your criminals.”  For that he has started receiving death threats from the Mexican drug cartels.  Sheriff Jones is unfazed by the threats: 

9 Comments on Ohio Sheriff Receives Death Threats After Billing Mexico $900,000

  1. My best friend was a Sheriff and he got several death threats a year.
    The first couple scared him a lot. And then you just get used to it.
    It always bothered me. But I wasn’t the Sheriff.
    Watch the movie
    No country for old men

  2. i am in Arizona and a big fan of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio; A lot of people hate him, but he is doing his job…..enforcing the law!

    Good for these brave people who enforce laws!

  3. This will make a good precedent for when Obama sends Mexico the bill for that yuge wall.


    Must. Drink. Coffee!

  5. I voted for Jones. He’s one helluva Sheriff! If you saw the douche that was running against him last time, you’d have laughed your ass off!

  6. The best thing I know to say is, he’s a man, an upright, club swinging, nut scratching man.

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