OHIO: Texts, calendars, emails link Governor DeWine to FirstEnergy’s bribery scandal – IOTW Report

OHIO: Texts, calendars, emails link Governor DeWine to FirstEnergy’s bribery scandal

OCJ: Gov. Mike DeWine and his administration played a hands-on role passing an allegedly pay-for-play nuclear bailout and appointing an industry-friendly regulator who has since been accused of taking a $4.3 million bribe, documents and messages show.

Calendar records show DeWine, a Republican, met repeatedly to discuss energy policy with FirstEnergy Corp. officials and at least once with GOP House Speaker Larry Householder, who has been criminally accused of taking a separate, multimillion-dollar bribe from the company to pass the bailout.

Despite a cautionary letter from environmental groups and a 198-page dossier from his former campaign staffer warning against the move, DeWine appointed Sam Randazzo in 2019 to the head of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. FirstEnergy last summer admitted it paid Randazzo a $4.3 million bribe. Randazzo has not been charged with a crime and denies wrongdoing.

Newly released text messages show FirstEnergy executives describing an open line with the administration on the selection and inside support from Ohio’s chief executive.

“When the Gov Elect asked me about attributes, I listed integrity, work ethic, creativity, thick skin, circumspection in public statements,” FirstEnergy’s then CEO texted Randazzo about the open PUCO seat in December 2018, just before DeWine took office. more here

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  1. So FirstEnergy admittedly paid Randozzo (head of the utility commission) a multi multi million dollar bribe, last year, and he has not been charged with a crime. WTF, Ohio?

  2. “…denies wrongdoing.”
    that is all they have to do. And get a good lawyer. That is what clinton did. With ‘no intent.’ democrooks can do things and their lawyer will say they didn’t _really_ intend to do it. And then they all go home.
    If he does get charged, and he should , he might get corney (sp) for a lawyer, he probably doesn’t have a job right now.

  3. He was a prosecution lawyer prior to being elected a senator, Attorney General for 8 years, then Governor, so I think he knows what’s coming if true. He’s a Catholic so that explains why he has 8 children. Another fallen corrupt Republican.

  4. Dewine has always been a liberal republican (RINO).
    Has he Finally got his hands caught in the cookie jar?
    He’s always done very well raising money for his numerous campaigns, wonder where those $100 Million came from?

  5. He was a prosecutor before being elected to the Senate, Attorney General for eight years, and Governor, so I heardle game believe he is aware of what is to come. He’s always done a great job raising funds for his various campaigns.

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