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Oldie But Goodie

This was dropped in the comments by KCIR, it’s one of my favorite TV moments of all-time.

Whatever you think of Tyson, this host is definitely a piece of shit.

Tyson did his time, and he was asked to be a guest on the show. He is smiling and genuinely ebullient and having a good time. And then this a-hole ambushes the Heavyweight Champ in the most rat bastard way.

Tyson shows extreme restraint but gets his verbal jabs in.

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  1. Tyson didnt force that girl to go to his hotel room at 2 am. And After he got sentenced he was pissed and said I wished I had raped her now. Which leads me to think he really didn’t rape her.

  2. Reporter thought nothing of ambushing his ‘guest’ on a live show, then begged like a sissy when Tyson treated him likewise. I’m glad his agent tried to deflect but stayed out of Tyson’s way

    Tyson has triumphed in life despite having big obstacles (like murderer Don King) thrown at him.
    He has spoken very candidly with real interviewers and revealed what he has overcome. He has earned due respect.

  3. I’ve been fairly clueless about Mike Tyson beyond the salacious headlines over the years so had a low opinion of him. However, my YouTube viewing has put videos of him in my algorithm and I’ve started watching past fights and current interviews and have come to realize he’s had many challenges to overcome and he truly seems to be a man of integrity and is a good dad. This interview was awesome to watch! Thanks

  4. Hung out with Mike Tyson (Carl White, Dennis Quaid and myself) at a very famous nightclub in NYC. Women came up to him all night wanting him to sign their breasts and he politely ignored their requests.

  5. The interviewer thought he had King’s X being on live television. Probably like the little prick that was messing with him on the airplane. I can’t stand watching gotcha journalism and ambushes, makes me feel like I am condoning the cowardly shit.

  6. That was rich, a black guy calling out another black guy for being a rapists, and the white guy just sits there like he couldn’t believe what he just heard. The statement of Tyson being a rapist was inappropriate, but that’s what the knee-grow wanted, to embarrass Tyson. I’m no fan of Tyson.

  7. A textbook lesson on the way most reporters (and politicians) need to be dealt with. You know that’s exactly how I would have done the bastard. Just cooly and calmly say what needs to be said.

  8. @Aleon

    Mike only goes for the earshot when he’s getting his ass kicked in the ring. This little prick was probably thinking that Mike was an inarticulate subhuman and an easy mark. Imagine his shame when Mike kicked his ass verbally

  9. BTW, I remember tuning in to see the Tyson Holyfield fight just after the bite .. and seeing two ashen faced sportscasters saying absolutely nothing

    And I just knew … Something historically ‘effed up had just happened


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