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Omar has 2 mommies

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  1. My wife keeps in touch with all of her high school friends. All of them off the chart LIBTARDS. One of them confided in her that she was worried sick about her 25 year old daughter, who is still ending some high dollar LIBTARD INDOCTRINATION CENTER. She came home for a visit and announced that she wanted to be referred to as “They” from now on because she thought she might be Pan Sexual. They get together once a year. They try and avoid politics. But you know how that goes. It’s always 1 (my wife) against 7. Historically she’s always told me, yea they’re nuts but they are good people. I didn’t hear that this time around. What’s interesting is none of them are aware of Hunter’s Laptop or Durham because they only listen to one news outlet. CNN. They’re still accusing Trump of being in bed with Putin. Dangerously Indoctrinated.

  2. Brad,

    Any of my libtard family also has no idea about the laptop from hell, rioting in the US cities, or Biden/Burisma/Ukraine connections or the Nazi-ish areas of Europe. Exactly the same result in an entirely different country, and yet they actually believe it would be WORSE with Trump.

  3. Kinda reminds me of Johnny during a conversation in biology class regarding sexual organs on male horses.

    He raised his hand, stood up and told the teacher, “My Daddy has two penises!” The surprised teacher was very curious and then asked Johnny in front of the class to explain this.

    Johnny answered, “Well, he uses one to go to the bathroom with, and the other to brush Mommy’s teeth!”

  4. Kcir

    You know what’s amazing about these Trump hating indoctrinated fools? Ask them to be specific about what Trump policy they disagreed with. They can’t. They will tell you about his mean tweets. The Zombie Apocalypse is real.

  5. You want to hear real silence? Ask them what their favorite policies are and the greatest achievements by Biden so far.
    They got nada except for, yeah, well Trump…..

  6. I forwarded it to my email list, and specifically to my niece who has a confused kid as well. My niece is a liberal, so I’m not surprised that her kid who is 13 wants to be addressed as male. Nope, ain’t happening here with me and I told them so. It’s a good thing she doesn’t want to breed.


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