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On further reflection, yesterday’s immigration meeting was a stroke of genius

Patriot Retort: In my post from yesterday afternoon, I shared my concerns over yesterday’s immigration meeting at the White House.

And I certainly wasn’t alone in worrying.

From Ann Coulter to Mark Levin to folks on Twitter, there was a genuine belief that President Trump was about to stab his supporters in the back.

But thanks to Lupus keeping me up half the night (again), I had a lot of time to reflect on that immigration meeting.

And around four in the morning, it dawned on me just what a stroke of genius it was.

Let me explain.

The Democrats need illegal aliens to receive amnesty because without them, they become a permanent minority party.

I know that. You know that.

And thanks to a leaked memo from Center for American Progress, it’s been confirmed.

But the folks who get their “news” from CNN? They probably don’t know that.

In fact, I just ran a search on CNN’s website to see if they did a story about the leaked memo from CAP.

And guess what? They didn’t.

Then along comes President Trump who permits television cameras to remain in the room through the entire immigration meeting.

And as a result, everybody got to watch all the Democrats fawn over these illegal aliens – these so-called “DREAMers.”

Just a week ago, Numbers USA released a survey of likely 2018 voters that revealed overwhelming support for President Trump’s immigration policies. This includes 57% who want to end chain migration and 60% who want to eliminate the so-called “visa lottery” program.

And live on cable news, Democrats were seen opposing these popular positions.

Something tells me, that’s going to hurt them.

And as I stared at the ceiling wide awake in the wee hours of the morning, I began to feel better about that meeting.

Then I went onto Facebook – because, hey, it’s four in the morning and I can’t sleep, so why not?

And a friend of mine on Facebook suggested I read the transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday. So this morning while having my coffee, I logged in at RushLimbaugh.com and listened to the segment where Rush gave his take on the immigration meeting.

Here are a few relevant points Rush made:

So there are the cameras, and there are the Drive-Bys, and Durbin and the boys are having to tell Trump what they want with the cameras running!

Which means the Drive-Bys are not gonna be able to recharacterize what happened in there. Trump is conducting the meeting, and he’s asking these Democrats, “Tell me what you want.” He’s letting Durbin and Hoyer have the floor to talk on DACA. They’re getting their talking points out right in front of Trump. (laughing) They’re having the meeting right in front of the press, the Drive-Bys!

He’s right. The media can’t spin this if viewers are watching it live.  Keep Reading


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  1. It’s amazing to me Rush gets this and Levine and Tucker (and many others) are totally clueless. How do you go from praising a guy that has accomplished more conservative goals in his first year than any other president, to basically calling him a dead loser in the space of a day. It’s mind blowing.

  2. Here is my thinking on Levine and Tucker. We need them to be a voice of outrage at the possibility of rinos having influence over Trump. Even though I don’t believe they ever would, it ultimately is to our advantage to have guys like Levine and Tucker sounding the alarm. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were sitting alone with either of them drinking a recreational beer at the end of the day that they would acknowledge Trump’s brilliant execution yesterday.

  3. I don’t believe that trump is stupid.
    He did that conference on tv for a reason to put all the socialist, communist on tv .
    The first thing that D F said in tv let do DACA first, the rest of the DaeMS was saying the same thing. DACA first . Trump knows that this people don’t want the wall . So he put them in front of the tv so people can see It.

  4. It did a few things.
    One, he let the sausage making be seen.
    Two, he showed the Republicans that he wants to complete project, and they had better get on the stick.
    Three, DACA is PART of the Immigration reform.
    Four, Feinstein is as corrupt as they come. ‘A commitment’ to do security.
    Cash only lady. You want credit, see the bank.
    Mr. Trump is up against children here.
    Legislation is like a building to him. He wants a start date (yesterday) foundation, the framing, ending with a punch list and a Hard Date for opening.
    They’ll be lucky if he lets them all keep their pants.

  5. @Joesix and Bob: You nailed it. I watched the first bit of the conference and knew exactly what he was doing here. Even late last year about the whole “I’ll give you until March on DACA” I knew what he was thinking. “Let congress TRY to fix DACA and they will F*ck it up. He can promise them DACA all day and night but note that he is telling them to propose something. He’s relying on the Dems natural ability to screw it up and hopefully, he gets the Wall in return. If he doesn’t get it, he can honestly now say he tried and give me a better majority in 2018.

  6. He’s counting on rationality and honesty from the left and its cuntmedia. Of course that is going to fail. Then he can be a hard ass.

    I prefer napalm at the outset, but I don’t play chess either.

  7. HKBill

    Much of what you say is true. The problem is this is all tied to the Federal Budget and they can only kick that can down the road so far. If he lets the budget expire it will mean huge problem for the military when they’re right in the middle of the North Korea crap. And it’s not beyond the Dems to hold that budget hostage. If they do he will have a lot of good video to play from yesterdays meeting.

  8. Since someone brought up chess, did you know that given the right moves, the blacks could win in 2 moves? You have to have a real ignorant opponent, but it can be done. I think Trump would spot it if his opponent was doing it.

  9. @ HkBill .trump told them wall the socialist told him DACA first know this socialist SOB are in video defending criminals illegal aliens first. And not putting the American people first. Trump is setting up the socialist because trump know that the socialist don’t want a wall.

  10. I used to think it would be most enjoyable to play a round of poker with PDT. The ultimate challenge. After watching him these past couple of years, I wouldn’t even get into a game of “coin toss” with him. I’m sure he would somehow gain the upper hand, win my entire stake and probably a few chips that were not even on the table!

    It is fun watching a Master Craftsman perform.

  11. joe6pak, I know the 3-move win (not counting the opponent’s moves) and pulled it off on my arrogant most-lefty friend back in the 90’s for the reason you said, but I say a 2-move win is impossible. Am I wrong, or are you mistaken?

    Please show your work.

    With nothing but love, Do4

    P.S. I thought I was wrong one time, but I was mistaken…

    P.P.S. The look on his face was priceless. His underestimation of all his opponents is his weakness.

  12. The socialist want open doors border that way the criminal illegal aliens can vote for them.bto keep them in office so socialist can get first class seat in airlines and power.

  13. Trump is Ithzak Perlman and everyone else is just a Strad to him.
    And to all who still doubt this president; have you checked your 401K lately?

  14. During his campaign Trump repeatedly said at rallys and in interviews if you are here illegally you have to go and you can get in line to come in legally. There was no unless you are a dreamer. They too need to leave, let them get a pass to the front of the line and prove they speak English, are employable and will contribute positively. I just don’t know how he can view dreamers monolithicly after spending so much time with families of victims of illegals including violent dreamers.


    Trump is SUPPOSED to act like he is all for this. So when the democrats run away due to Trump’s demand for a wall, it’ll be their fault b/c everyone was for it but them.

  16. joe6pak, Thank you for not being offended.

    I await your results. I’m truly curious as I have been certain for decades that 3 moves is the least.

  17. TO Bad_Brad
    To your first post (I’m late to the game and really under the weather)

    It takes BOTH the Rush-es AND the Tucker-s to make for an effective politics…it’s just that most people experience it only from the Left:

    Take your pick of a Dem President (e.g. Obama)…and imagine some outrageous program he wants. He needs BOTH the Far Left screamers to make him seem “moderate” in comparison AND also the smooth-talkers to seduce the listeners into perceiving the program as reasonable. It’s not *exactly* the same in this case, but that’s the “sales pitch” I’m seeing.

    It’s Trump. It’s all good.
    (Coulda been Hillary… 😮 )

  18. Something else I’m curious about: Bob with Africa as an icon – what is your native language? Obviously not English, but you communicate just fine.

  19. Dadof4, it takes a little more than that to offend me, so you’re safe.

    White, pawn at G2 to G4
    Black, pawn at E7 to E6
    White, pawn at F2 to F3
    Black, queen at D8 to H4 Checkmate

  20. I too was bothered by PDJT’s talk of “love” and giving seemingly credence to to Dums. Then I try to reassure myself with the thought that PRESIDENT Trump has been through more successful negotiations than that whole room put together and I think, I’m not gonna call Trump out. As always, he has a plan to get what he wants, and what he wants is what America wants.

    I’m not much for the “Godly Call” of President Trump, but I think he is aman who acts on faith, experience, and the American Way.

    This is going to work out just fine.

  21. oops … sorry Joe6 … didn’t mean to step on your toes
    lol, I remember that opening since I was 9 years old when my uncle taught it to me… after he beat me in 3 moves! 🙂

  22. Molon Labe, no problem, I’m just glad I beat you by a minute. Where do you get the font for your name? I’m not finding it.

  23. I’ll have to go & find it again … it’s pretty old, got it downloaded on my Gravatar page

    yeah … that new chess nomenclature always throws me off … I’m from the old ‘kn to Kb4’ era

  24. I thought it was absolutely brilliant from the first minute. He has now set the bar for the Democrats for transparency in government, something they always say they provide but never do. Putting them on the spot individually (I’m talking about you, Diane) gives the appearance of being a bi-partisan team player and taking what they say seriously, while at the same time getting them on record and giving them absolutely no political cover. He is as brilliant a political tactician as I have ever seen, and I’ve participated in hundreds and hundreds of government meetings over the past 30 years.

  25. joe6pak, I found it on youtube before coming back. I lost power and also had to pick up a raccoon since I last posted! lol


    While it requires the white to make two really stupid moves first, it is indeed two moves for black to win. You didn’t mention it was a black side win until you answered, but once I saw that I searched for it.

    There I go assuming it was a white side win. Which would be impossible. lol

    No question it is a win of opportunity depending on white to set it up first.

    But, I have to say – you have to be a really bad player to set that up for black. You have to expose your king on the first move. Who does that besides a total noob like a child first starting out to play?

    The white side win of 3 moves only requires the opposer to not notice what you are doing, making it an offensive win.

    Thanks, I appreciate it!

  26. You da man, Mr Pinko. I was disappointed your interview post about the never Trumper was taken down. It was a good example of the insanity of never Trumpers. No logic or sense at all.

  27. ??
    Bob w/ Africa icon, Not offended at all. Just curious as to what your native language is.

    I think you’ll find the only thing the majority of people around here might take offense to is communists and Marxists regardless of their homeland.

    Like I said, you communicate just fine. But obviously not your first language. My mother was like that. You got what she meant, but English wasn’t her first language and you could tell.

  28. Rope a dope…this brilliant man was raised by a brilliant man in the belly of the beast of NYC.

    His strategy set and insight into human nature are so far beyond the grasp of Marxists that they will never defeat him.

    At their core liberals are weak minded and lazy thinkers because they think they have achieved game..set..match by co-opting our education, entertainment, and information culture.

    What they have really achieved is marginalizing themselves into a self perpetuating OODA loop inside their bi-coastal bubbles..an endless spin cycle of a deep state superiority mindset.

    Unable to break free of the gravational pull of the inherently bankrupt theories of Marx and Lenin they flounder about in a perpetual motion machine of crass stupidity disquised as self annointed genius.

    Thus force multiplied by their own arrogance they Battan death march towards obscurity.

    Out here in Realville we just need to appreciate the real genius of DJT and BFH and trust in God. He has their six.

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