On Labor Day, consider the injustice of forced union dues

It should be considered racketeering, violating the RICO act.

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As you watch your children board the school bus for the first day back to classes, consider this: That school bus driver is likely forced to pay fees to a union as a condition of driving that bus.

Why? Because he or she works in one of the 25 forced-unionism states in America; states where it is lawfully permissible to force a worker to pay fees to a union as a condition of employment.

You’re not alone if you think this sounds absurd. According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly 80 percent of your fellow Americans agree: No worker should be forced to pay union fees as a condition of employment.


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  1. Yep, in my workplace, if you don’t do payroll deduct and miss a dues payment, that is grounds for being fired. Of course they make it very difficult for you to make a payment if you elect not to be payroll deduct. You have to deliver it to the local lodge, no mailing it in and has to be certified check. Only on certain days of the week and between certain hours and they are not bankers hours that is for sure.

    Of course if the union over collects dues, well FU on getting those funds back.

    What has the union done for the workplace you ask as we have locations all over the country? Outsourced employees at some locations and the union does nothing because they are outsourced with, get this, cheaper employees that are also union members of the same union. Just a different distrcit.

    Full and part timers paying the same union dues (hence they don’t complain when the company drops full timers to part time and then hires more part timers to compensate). Oh and our profit sharing was sacrificed for scant pay raises for 3 years, all of which are wiped out by the increasing cost of insurance prices. If we had kept our profit sharing the way it used to be and nixed the pay raises, we would have made more money than we are now.

    You have a grievance against the company that the union needs to fight for you? Just think Beetlejuice at the end of the movie sitting in the office. He pulls a ticket that says 134923819 and looks up and the board says service ticket #4.

    All work rules that we had before hand that benefited a lot of employees? Most gone since they are not in the “contract” and thus are not allowed.

    Meanwhile the District President sits back and collects 6 figures along with the Assistant Council and laugh at us while living like kings. Legalized extortion which of course the lemmings don’t understand.

  2. Living half my life in a state controlled by unions (MI), I have a pure hatred of them. Don’t bother to mention the good they did back in the day. I know all about it. I even recognize that some unions still may, MAY, do some good. That has all been erased by the greed and evil intentions of them today.

    It’s not just the money stolen from workers and the fact that they do NOTHING for the workers they are supposed to represent, but as a manager, just you TRY to fire someone of color or other ‘protected’ class. My friend had one of his employees jump and beat up another worker and he fired her. Now the union says she has to be re-hired and given back pay because she “felt depressed” that day, so her behavior is now excused.

  3. It would be interesting to know what state (or perhaps, country) you work in and the International that represents you.

    You story is really far fetched (which isn’t out of the norm here) assuming you claim to work in the U.S.

  4. If the unions can’t extort money from workers, they can’t pass some of it on to the politicians!

    It’s only fair!

    Willing slavery. Who woulda thunk it?

  5. Tim, you continue to prove yourself as the dense one.

    The only money unions can spend on politicians is that of PAC money, not from union dues.

    Another point to your “willing slavery” and to the pathitic whining of those here over their dislike of paying dues, why not use the very same argument of those working for slave wages or hazardous conditions- if you’re unhappy with what’s being offered to you, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  6. @ Ronald From OpenSecrets.org, “Totals on this page reflect donations from employees of the organization, its PAC and in some cases its own treasury. These totals include all campaign contributions to federal candidates, parties, political action committees (including super PACs), federal 527 organizations, and Carey committees.” And of the Top 6 contributors, all are unions, all are Democrats.

  7. Yeah, I know. Just pisses me off that he STARTS with an insult, instead of an argument.

    Argue your point, resort to insults later.


  8. I live in NJ, work in New York and I work for an airline, Ronald. Don’t care what you believe because that is the truth. A little bit of sleuthing and you can find out what what union it is because they have screwed over several airlines with the same tactics. But just from your response, you sound like a SEIU low info mofo who believes the Union is your lord and saviour.

    But I will elaborate more on how the screw job takes place. Our first contract in years comes out, where the DL President and his negotiators did basically the same thing Obama and Kerry did. Give away the store to Mgmt and then pat themselves on the back saying they created a great contract. It was voted down heavily by the employees because the contract was so bad.

    The next revival came out and instead of going over the whole contract, they sent out a one page flyer telling us how we were going to get 3 pay raises over the next 3 years and 92% of the employees would have job protection. Very few people read the revised contract and when they tried to sound the bell about how it was just as bad as the first, they were shouted down, probably by kool-aid drinkers such as yourself. They don’t know what they are talking about, the contract is not going to get better, profit sharing is still there, best job protection in the industry, everybody will have a job.

    Then the contract got voted in by chumps who only saw the $$$$ signs on the one page flyer and wouldn’t take 2 minutes to read the contract. Gets voted in because the hubs overall employee groups outnumbered the small stations. Then because of sneaky little language in the contract, the small stations start getting outsourced one by one. People with 10+, 20+ years told to transfer or furlough. Insurance rates jacked up the following year. Profit sharing that used to be around 5-6% now around 1.5% and the union even gets a cut of that.

    Maybe you should go look for a news story, video on youtube, of employees up in BUF (Buffalo) where previous contract said employees there could not be outsourced until April of whatever year. Yet just before Christmas, employees who showed up for work were met by security who took their IDs, gave them garbage bags to clean out their lockers and they were officially outsourced. Two options, transfer 1000 miles away to PHX (Phoenix), LAS (Las Vegas) or furlough. President says its a contract violation and will fight hard for them. Then later when nothing changes, he pats himself on the back for saying they would provide $500 towards moving expenses.

    Yeah but it’s all far fetched BS, just made up out of thin air. That’s what you have to say to yourself so you can sleep better at night, so be it. I was willing to give them a chance and they epic failed right out of the gate. I sleep worrying when we will be next to get the letter telling us yada, yada transfer west or furlough.

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