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  1. Nobody does under 70 on the Garden State parkway/New Jersey Turnpike and N/E interstates. Most are doing 75-80.

  2. ghost of brig gen j glover

    Bullitt started the car chase genre. And others had to beat it 😉

    A friend got the car mats out of the Seven Ups crashed car. He was a stunt man for the movie. Recognized all the parkways they were on in that scene.

  3. @Claudia – we were very fortunate to be given tix to see Chazz in a ONE MAN SHOW of the entire A Bronx Tale movie, at the Tarrytown Music Hall, (been meaning to send ya some critter pics, btw…)

    @ Mr_Pinko – HUGE McQueen fan here and awesome on those car mats! Just really dug the streets of New Yawk, not many places to go air born…Bill Hickman drove the get away car and that was his last stunt movie.

    The Riverside Drive scenes were crazy.

  4. Hey All,

    In late and can’t listen until the replay.
    What a hot simmering summer cooker.
    Did you all hear or discuss Anthony Scaramucci from yesterday?
    Says he supported Trump but now all is lost unless President Trump does everything different.
    What a typical NY POS.

    Scaramucci is one of those 90 percenters.
    10 percent vocal and 90 percent back stabber.
    Like Ann Coulter and others we all know.

    These people are why conservatives lost so much in the past.
    Losers. They talk they game up front but are revealed for being just another slimy money grubber.

  5. Replay:

    The proper Autobahn analogy is the US Interstates.
    What the f??? is a throughway or whatever and, also, parkways are just another word for tollbooths.
    If you run out of gas on any American road you could also be given a ticket.

    Mr.Pinko is full of tourist infomation and other owners can fill in the blanks.

  6. In Addition:

    Germany is made up of 16 States.
    So the Interstate is apt.
    All 16 fit between Sabine and Hudspeth Counties in Texas.
    ~The I-10

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