One Of Six Waiting Passenger Jets Gets Out Of Afghanistan

Red State

We’ve been watching for weeks now the Taliban have been holding planes trying to take out Americans from Mazar-i-Sharif hostage.

There were at least six planes of people waiting to evacuate.  Reportedly, at least 142 Americans and several hundred Afghans were holed up nearby waiting to leave.

Now there’s word that there’s some movement on the situation — that at least one of the planes reportedly has taken off. More

4 Comments on One Of Six Waiting Passenger Jets Gets Out Of Afghanistan

  1. & NO ONE has heard of Mazar until today!

    there are 6 (now 5) plane-loads of Americans & Afghani allies on those planes & another (at least) 142 Americans waiting to GTFO

    one wonders how this is playing out in all the other airfields in all the other Afghani cities

    rot in Hell Xiden & all you other D’rats!

  2. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, i reckon the Americans who got out of Ghanistan, are coming home discreetly and anonymously after government reorientation sessions, and the media is only too willing to keep their stories off the front page. Much like Vietnam veterans fifty years ago, these people are an embarrassment to a government who failed them.

    Now I’m not saying the State Department or President WestExec’s handlers made them sign non-disclosure agreements, but maybe they were persuaded that spilling on SocMed or elsewhere was dangerous to national security. And maybe as Tony R said, pallets of cash are moving, planes are flying, and nobody will ever really hear of a place called Mazar-i-Sharif.


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