One Of The Most Common Ingredients In The Western Diet Has Been Found To Alter Genes In The Brain

IFLScience: The use of soybean oil has increased dramatically over the last few decades, to the extent that is has become the most widely consumed edible oil in the US and other Western nations. However, its rise has coincided with an alarming escalation in metabolic conditions like diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity, and a new study indicates that this may be down to the way that soybean oil causes genetic changes in the brain.

Previous research has shown that mice fed a diet that is high in soybean oil are much more likely to develop these conditions than rodents fed on other fats like coconut oil. Further studies hinted that the culprit may be linoleic acid, as mice that consumed soybean oil that had been modified to lack this key ingredient were spared many of these harmful effects.

To better understand how soybean oil produces these negative consequences, scientists decided to investigate its impact on the expression of genes in the hypothalamus, a brain region that regulates metabolism and a range of other essential processes.

Mice were split into groups, of which one received a diet that was high in normal soybean oil, another consumed a diet high in soybean oil that lacked linoleic acid, and another was fed on a diet rich in coconut oil.

Writing in the journal Endocrinology, the study authors explain that soybean oil was found to modify the expression of around 100 different genes in the hypothalamus, affecting processes such as metabolism, neurological disease, and inflammation. read more

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  1. um … the injection of soy into the processed foods we eat is not from happenstance … it’s an effort by the conglomerates & the globalists to ‘de-energize’ the masses & create a docile populous

    read the ingredients on practically any packaged food. soy is one of the first ingredients listed … soy has a ton of Estrogen

  2. I’ve been screaming in the wind about soy for years. We now get our feed custom mixed just so we can keep the soy out of our livestock feed. It’s been known in the livestock community for quite sometime that it causes issues with fertility. However it’s a cheap way to get the protein level up in feed, so they overuse it.
    It’s not surprising what it’s doing to humans, it’s in everything including the meat you eat.

  3. Old Racist White Woman – Yep. I remember my mom’s side of the family saying that. Soy was for emergency only. They didn’t like using it.
    david7134 – No kidding! Check your hair products, too. Especially the expensive brands. It’s insane.

    Due to allergies, I look at ingredients because my life depends on it.
    Soy is only in products because it’s a filler and it’s trendy.
    Oh. And try to get toiletries WITHOUT shea butter and aloe vera these days.

  4. I’ve got the prettiest B-cup moobs from eating soy-everything. The only drawback is a prostate the size of a grapefruit.
    I can read the first two post topics on iOTWreport in the morning just waiting to start pee’ing.


  5. My moms lactose intolerant so she uses the soy and almond milk. She has steadily been leaning to the more liberal views. I assumed it was early senility now I wonder.

  6. Vegetable oils are CHD in a bottle. Avoid them and anything that has them in it. You will essentially stop eating all processed foods, yeah no more Doritos. And yes soy is in fricking everything it seems including all of the feed that cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys…oh wait, you eat that too?

    I won’t go on, no point.

  7. I believe the plant estrogen thing and have long avoided soy whenever I can, yeah it’s tough to do these days, but I’m going to wait for studies that prove a similar effect in human brains before I panic. We’ve been down this road many times before with not much turning out true.

  8. Pork fat rules for pan frying.
    Canola oil for deep frying.
    Creamery butter (salted)for everything.
    None of these killed Epstein.

  9. “Pork fat rules for pan frying.”

    A tin can of drained bacon grease is a permanent fixture on the back of my stove.

  10. After all the reading I’ve done on nutrition over the last few years — Including cell wall damage from many oils sold to cook with, and the high pressure, high temperature, industrial chemical processing used to produce many so-called vegetable oils sold to cook food with. That aren’t much different from any other oil refinery. I avoid them as much as possible.

    The solvent hexane is used to extract many varieties of “vegetable oils”. Look up hexane and decide if you want to be eating it, even in trace amounts left in the oils. Low level long term frequent exposure ain’t much different from quick high exposure. I now avoid most vegetable oils, which mostly are not made from vegetables, they are bean or seed oils, as much as possible. Canola oil may be one of the nastier ones. Soy maybe in the lead or a close second.

    Canola oil is a GMO rapeseed oil. Wild rapeseed oil contains large amounts of erucic acid, which was known to cause health problems, so the canola plant was developed from wild rapeseed in order to use it to produce, at very low cost, “food-grade canola oil” with lower erucic acid levels.

    In the early 1970s the canola plant was developed from wild rapeseed at the University of Manitoba in Canada. In 1998, “the most disease- and drought-resistant canola variety to date” was developed using genetic modification, and this is how the majority of recent varieties are produced.

    Originally called – LEAR (low erucic acid rapeseed), but that name scared people off buying it, as it should.

    Since it is produced by the Canadian government. For marketing purposes the name was changed to canola oil. This word was derived from the combination of “Canada” and “ola,” meaning oil. Canada oil, Texas crude, names are odd creations.

    “Canola oil” is a much more appealing name than LEAR oil or “rape oil”. And we all know some dimwits have already gone whacko about the name Rape oil. But maybe Whoopie is ok with it, depending whether she decided it was rape, or rape-rape, oil. I figure a GMO oil, is a rape-rape oil

    In its current hybridized and GMO state, it can cause a large number of health issues that you could / will learn about after a little research. Soybean oil, peanut oils, corn oils, are all about the same.

  11. Soy is terrible for your kidneys and joints.
    And that comes from both a professional dietician and a pharmacist.


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