VA Protester Slams The Media; “They’re Mad We’re Peaceful! They’re Mad There’s No Violence”

Trending Politics: Today, peaceful Pro-Gun protesters showed America the REAL way to protest, and this proud American put the media in their place!

They were hoping for violence, but it DIDN’T HAPPEN! Watch this and share with everyone you know. WATCH


Powerful Video Shows Massive Pro-2nd Amendment Crowd Reciting “Pledge Of Allegiance”…Followed By “We Will Not Comply!”

8 Comments on VA Protester Slams The Media; “They’re Mad We’re Peaceful! They’re Mad There’s No Violence”

  1. LBJ must be rolling in his grave (actually I think he’s deeper down than that) seeing what his party is doing to his plan for keeping the African American vote.

  2. Looks like Governor blackface stepped on his own crank on this one. Foiled again!

    There are some trends going on out across the country that has to make the democrats and press very nervous, these kinds of things aren’t supposed to be happening!

  3. Please God, I pray we have reached the tipping point where supporters of the Constitution of every race and background have had enough of the Democrat Left trying to push their anti-American drivel down our throats.

  4. The I am made morons have struck again. There is no such number as $84,8254, maybe it’s $848,254 or $84 thousand + 8254 which equals $92,254.00. Either way they’re morons, please ban these dumb scammers. If you can’t use grammar correctly and make idiot mistakes about money you’re an idiot. I’m sorry but this is huge pet peeve to me allowing morons to try and scam us like that’s going to happen here.

  5. I had a dream last night where I saw myself as a watch dog watching over a large crowd of people that I know from church and other places. I was aware that I was pointing out and barking at these good intentioned people to be aware and watch out for the all the dirty tricks the democraps are playing on the American people. I’m not sure if it’s prophetic or what but I did spend another hour afterwards praying for God’s will to be done for this blessed country and for our President Donald J Trump and his 63 million deplorables who voted for him in 2016. Something good is happening (I love Herman’s Hermit’s song Something Good) in the spirit which gives me great hope for the future of this country.

  6. Amen, Geoff. I truly believe that there were enough people praying for God’s protection over the Patriots and the protest, that God did thwart the plans of evil.

    I also want you to know that we are monitoring for the spam emails. I try to check several times a day in order to delete them.


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