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One of the Stupider Memes by the Left

-The amount of documents is meaningless. Either it’s illegal or it isn’t. So Trump would be in “a lot” of trouble, but Biden only in a little bit of trouble?

-See above

-If he is cooperating it means he will get a lighter sentence? What does that mean, “he is cooperating”?

-If I commit a crime all I have to do is have my lawyers alert the authorities and I skate?

Contrasting what Biden did against what Trump did is the ultimate in “whataboutism.” If someone murders someone, a solid defense is not to point to Jeffrey Dahmer and say, “I’m not him!!”

No, you’re not. But you’re a criminal.

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  1. Biden was a VICE President when this occurred. He did not have the ability to declassify jack shit. Donald Trump was President. He could declassify any thing he wanted.
    Now they’re finding Penn Biden Center was receiving donations from the Chinese. And at the time it was being managed by Tony Blinken. They should all be going to jail.

  2. Yeah, I noticed the distinction when this story first broke.

    Stupid Leftists. But it will just be another go-nowhere “scandal” for Brandon, and another distraction from the fact that he isn’t really president of the U.S.

  3. Refresh my memory:

    Many, if not most, of the classified documemts from the Trump warrant were empty folders.

    Trump offered swamp opportunity to access/inventory materials, and rhey turned it down, preferring the media circus armed “raid” of an empty residence.

    ALL of the Trump documemts were locked away behind a substantial security system whereas Biden’s “forgotten in a locked clost” with no real controls on access is somehow secure?

    Prior commemts on “quantity” are childish equivalence from the lapdog butt-sniff media.

  4. On top of that, there’s an article on the Dick Morris site that’s absolutely eyebrow raising:

    Biden’s Misplaced Secret Documents Were Stored At Chinese-Funded Think Tank (not sure links are allowed so look for it)

    But I mean, seriously, wasn’t one of the things they were squawking about over the documents are Mar-Largo were that they weren’t secure enough to be protected from foreign agents? What about if the foreign agents were paying for everything?



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