Only a Heartbeat Away

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  1. I’m reminded of the comment on the debate thread by Blue Eyed Cracker about kaine looking like a Batman villain without make up.
    Sick looking bastard. Both of them.

  2. Set next to the teaser ad on the side bar
    with “Mama June” (Honey Boo Boo),
    I’d swear Timmeh and she are TWINS.

  3. Unruly – – I’ve been trying to come up with a word or phrase to describe Kaine. Blue-Eyed Cracker nailed it!

  4. Does anyone else think that Tim Kaine looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome? Symptoms include: small eye openings, indistinct philtrum, thin upper lip, flat midface, short nose…. Timmy’s momma must have liked herself a cocktail….or ten.

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