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  1. He could have ordered off of the kid’s menu, saved him some bucks, and impressed his date.

    This better be a story from Canada, if it’s an American writer, he/she deserves a beating. It’s color, valor, behavior, and harbor…….. not colour, valour, behaviour, and harbour, get it right.

  2. I avoided this issue by just friend zoning MY little guys. No dates, no prob!


    Some…day my full-sized non-stumpy leg and very rich prince will come,

    Then…we’ll move to a trailer in LA when I get him kicked out of the royal family and he’ll try to get me voice-over work which would be weird because I’m already a cartoon…”

  3. Heh.

    Snow THINKS she friend zoned us, but she was asleep on her back a LONG time before Prince Generic showed up.

    And let’s just say that the baby that popped out REAL soon afer the Royal Nuptials may be a bit vertically challenged for some reason…

  4. …I’ve known two people in my life that had actual dwarfism (three, if you count the guy that apparently hung around Perkins every day around 2AM in the ’90s so he could challenge anyone currently in the restaurant to a fight), and if we’re talking about DWARVES and not MIDGETS (no, those are not the same thing) then you wouldn’t mistake one for a child despite their size unless you didn’t actually look at them.

    Dwarves are not proprtional for one thing. Generally speaking things get smaller the further down you look (no, I don’t know about THAT thing), but they tend to have particularly disproportinate heads and usually pretty meaty arms along with a bigger chest as compared to a regular person’s proportions. The thing that always jumps out at me is there seems to be a wider set to their eyes (look at the picture above), and a very NOT baby face with an often protuberent forehead. There’s other cues too and THIS guy seems to be losing his hair as well, so I’m gonna go with the wait staff was either too buried in a phone to look at a customer, or was simply having a joke at his expense.

    But given modern stupidity and modern aesthetics, who WANTS to look at other people now, so maybe there’s that…

  5. Son of a bitch! I’ve been looking for that little bastard ever since he escaped hinden inside my bag of toys three Christmases’ ago. Rudolf, get the other Rein Deer ready, were going to Wales…


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