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Oppression Obsession

He says a lot, a lot of naughty words, but his English accent makes it classy.

Guy’s rant is spot on.

He’s an actor named Tom Walker, playing the character of Jonathan Pie. Regardless of it being “a character,” the rant is perfect, whether he believes it or not.

HT/ Doc

19 Comments on Oppression Obsession

  1. I just watched Intellectual Froglegs latest, then came here.
    Perfect combination.

    They should do a road show.

  2. I never laughed at that word more than while watching this.

  3. I hope we can get more of him. He’s phuckin’ great> Who is he?

  4. Needs to be shown at all colleges & Uni’s.

  5. Doc, I don’t know where you found this but it is out-fooking-standing!

  6. I think he has had enough cofveve.
    Good rant.

  7. That was tremendous! I’m going to show it to my family tomorrow. Will have to warn them about the language, but after the first 30 seconds, it doesn’t matter because it’s all about the rant!

  8. His rant was right on, but I really don’t give a shit what some foreigner says.

    Deal with your own society

  9. He gets the finger over calling Trump supporters ‘actual NAZIS’. (2:33) I am so sick of hearing that BS. SCREW YOU, PAL.

  10. Is it bad that I want SO much to post that to my FB feed, but fear doing so would get my account shut down?


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