Oregon Homes Lose Insurance Due To Excessive Wildfires – IOTW Report

Oregon Homes Lose Insurance Due To Excessive Wildfires

Oregon Catalyst: It turns out that Oregon having constant wildfires (due to our failed forest/environmental policies) is causing real problem for people.

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  1. Just wait till life insurance policies get canceled over excess vaxx deaths. That’s when the reality of what these TRAITOROUS BASTARDS have done to us. I forgot to bring up health insurance, that will be in jeopardy for those that have been vaxxed and boosted

  2. The Government attacks on families, homeowners and businesses will not stop until morale improves. ~ ~ Your New Socialist/Communists Comrades.

  3. Lost our rural fire coverage half a decade ago in the “banjo playing” parts of northern Commifornia… 😡

  4. Somewhat similarly:

    Toronto is warning of high winds for tomorrow & cautioning about trees & limbs falling from OUR very OWN trees that BAN US FROM Cutting & Maintaining on our own without a city inspection/Permit/Fee.

    The City owned Trees are even worse as the CIT-IOT workers sleep in their Trucks rather than maintain them.

    Luckily I have a 36′ Ladder & chainsaw & took out anything Near my house decades ago.
    My back neighbour is a complete Greenie, but I cut so many limbs Off the tree that it is heavily weighted towards his property.


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