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Oregon Woman’s Home Shot Up 23 Times

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Around 4am on New Year’s Day a woman’s home was shot up 23 times as people and a child slept inside.

We remind readers that Portland abolished their Gun Violence Response Team because liberals said it must be done int he name of equity.   The same liberals also defunded the Portland Police by 100 positions, also in the name of fighting racial justice.   Governor Brown released 1,000 criminals early from prison in the name of equity.  Now the people meant to be helped are being hurt in record numbers (Portland broke homicidal records in 2022).
Video of the early stages of the shooting shows that the suspects were young men. more

11 Comments on Oregon Woman’s Home Shot Up 23 Times

  1. Typical Portlander: My city is dangerous as Hell because of Democrat policies but I’m still gonna vote Democrats into office until I die or get killed. Maybe longer.

  2. My normal response is that it was not random and somebody isn’t talking, but with the radical left seizing control in Oregon, I can no longer make that assumption.

  3. Portland is hopeless. Portland will never recover. The communists control education-indoctrination, the media, courts, and all government agencies. Portland has the same systemic problems as all democrat-controlled cities in America. Portland is simply a scum magnet for criminals, degenerates, drug addicts, takers, bums, homos, and all other form of losers. There is no hope.

  4. She’s actually a member of their group doing the shooting, she believes in their agenda, and is 100% behind gun free zones. She has nothing to complain about. Complain when you or your kid dies.

  5. Tony and Doc, we moved a thousand miles away from Portland last year. This area is safe, clean, crime free, has well maintained public property, wide streets, no vandalism, no blue tarp subdivisions, no litter, no abandoned furniture, no abandoned cars-trucks-boats-trailers-RVs, no panhandlers, and no Biden signs or rainbow flags. What little excrement you see is not human.


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