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  1. Passing thoughts for those of us stuck in IL.

    Distinct possibility that the gun control crap they’re pushing will be passed in the immediately future. Yes, if they don’t fill/reload the supreme court it will eventually be overturned, That said it could take years for it to get there.

    In the meantime the enforcement of the hot mess that it is will be near impossible without assistance from those who would turn you in. Who might that be? If you don’t have a private range or can travel to shoot in an adjacent state it could be the public ranges in IL. For anything not lost in the boating accident you best not be taking it to a public range to shoot. Whether it be mags that hold to many rounds or any of the weapons that will become banned, don’t give them exposure that can be reported.

    I’d like to believe that range owners would not comply by turning people in, but faced with the closing of their business by harassment or over regulation, they won’t have any choice. Not to mention most ranges these days have a camera system operating 100% of the time that they’re open for business.

    They can’t go door to door trying to enforce things.

    There’s other ways to accumulate data, but think about what you’re doing once we have the new laws on the books and even if there’s a “stay in the enforcement” while it’s being challenged / litigated you want to think about what you say and do going forward in the new commie land we are becoming.

    Suspect the above might apply to other states and jurisdictions.

    This is the short version as I don’t wish to pay royalties for length to SNS.

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