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Orlando Slaughter: This is What Immigration “Diversity” Gets You

CR: [Michelle Malkin] In Afghanistan, being gay is a violation of both Sharia and the penal code punishable up to death. Taliban officials have executed gays by stoning them and bulldozing walls over them to crush them to death. Meanwhile, the nation’s top leaders and military officers get away with “bacha bazi” — vile acts of child rape and enslavement of young boys.

You might think it sensible to ask the massive flow of Afghanis emigrating to America their views on such matters. But remember: In the perverse world of the politically correct, any kind of religious or national security “profiling” is a violation of “who we are.”

Now comes the horrific Orlando bloodbath at a gay nightclub, perpetrated by the gay-hating son of a radical Afghan supporter of the Taliban. Via the Washington Post, Seddique Mateen, father of shooter Omar, is a zealous Muslim whose YouTube videos salute “[o]ur brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in [the] Taliban movement and national Afghan Taliban” for “rising” up. He also appears to be an unstable nutball who thinks he’s president of Afghanistan and has lobbied Congress and the State Department.

What questions, if any, regarding Sharia, politics, and his Muslim extremism did consular officers or immigration officials ask Seddique Mateen before granting him entry into our country? Under what program was he admitted?


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  1. you ain’t seen nothing yet

    wait until the demographics bring us sharia

    big picture is continued decline of civilization, with occasional positive bumps during the fall

  2. Bring on the Meelee
    I talked to a painter yesterday. We ate Elk salami that he shot last year (he used hot sauce, I took mustard)
    This guy was short, bandy legged and totally unremarkable.
    He took this Elk at four hundred yards. His picture is under the glass at the liquor store. The Elk had been shot right behind the shoulder.
    I said: “long ass shot” and he spit tobacco juice, and without a hint of bragging he said “Not particularly”
    I asked if he had been in the Military, and he said “Hell no, I ain’t even graduated high school”
    I think there are a lot of Americans out there with some outlandish skill sets with an itch to use them.
    These terrorist bastards are bad asses in a nightclub full of people to whom fighting means throwing shoes. But out in the land those goat molesters will last longer as fertilizer than they will on the Jihad Trail.

  3. I am also in Arizona. Any muslims start shit I’m my area, and they will find themselves as the main ingredient in a pile of coyote shit. Even if they don’t start anything, they may just start quietly disappearing. There’s a big ass desert out here with a lot of places to be disappeared to.

  4. My idea of diversity would be to have more
    tall brown-eyed red-heads with long sleek legs.

  5. what would you do now if you were Mateens neighbor. If he lived next door to you or across the alley or just up the street.

  6. Mateen, the father that is. Would you move? Would you kick his ass every night? Burn his house down? Get the neighbors to make his life miserable every second of every day? What would you do?

  7. Unk Al,
    To respectfully disagree, I would want GREEN-eyed red-headed soul stealers with slim bodies and long sleek legs.

    BTW, are you a reader of The Feral Irishman? If not, hie thee hench immediately.

  8. Charlie,
    If I were the Marteen’s neighbor, I would let him know that he was being watched constantly. Pull out cell phone and point it at him (as if I were taking his picture). Ditto for any visitors.

    Do a Clint Eastwood a la “Gran Torino”, and pull out my hand from my belt or jacket (as if pulling out a gun), and point it at him, and cock back my thumb.

    Take my rifles back and forth from house to car, car to house, as if I were going to/coming back from the shooting range. Disassemble and clean my weapons in plain sight of the Marteen family, and look at them and their house.

    Do nothing overt that would get ME in trouble with the law, but make THEM very, very uncomfortable.

  9. b woodman, i dont know what i would do. Going to the range daily? Monitoring every visitor? logging his activities?

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