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An act of ‘hate’

Patriot Retort: “Hate” is probably the most misused word in the English language. I used to think it was “Literally,” but I’ve literally changed my mind.

Yesterday, the pandering Hillary Clinton released a Facebook statement about the terror attack in Orlando where she said:

“This was an act of terror” [snip] “this was also an act of hate.”

She must have been super proud of this observation, because she tweeted it out:

hillary hate tweet

An “act of hate?”

And what made this an “act of hate” as far as Hillary was concerned?

“The gunman attacked an LGBT nightclub during Pride Month.”

Oh! I see.

So, if I understand her, Hillary believes that had the victims of this terrorist attack been a bunch of random heterosexuals out dancing on a Saturday night, it would still be an act of terror, but it would not be an “act of hate.” Or, perhaps what made it an “act of hate” was that it happened to gays during Pride Month. Maybe if it had been May instead of June, it wouldn’t have been an “act of hate.”  MORE

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  1. Trust me Loco, she ain’t straight.

    She is, however, a traitor to her own country and a cunning deceiver of the stupid.

  2. All terror acts are acts of HATE.

    But, of course, as an accomplished politician of the totalitarian bent, she probably would have no problem using terrorism as an act of LOVE to bring people into the totalitarian fold – or just to eliminate them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Yo Hillbag! Lemme clear this up for you.
    Indiscriminately killing innocent people is an act of Terror.
    Screaming “You Fucking Jew Bastard” is an act of hate.

  4. @Loco ~ the only thing straight about Hillary is when she dies she’s going straight to Hell

  5. Dead-eye said it was an act of hate because she perceived that making such a comment to be politically advantageous. If she thought it would help her campaign, she’d say anything at all. It is good that she is wrong.

  6. She should have tats on her knuckles – Hate on the right, Love on the left. Tats or she has no passion.

  7. Oh Queen of the couch fabric outfits. Stay thy terrible regard. The Moor trembles at your attention, and quakes in fevered shame at the thought of your mighty eye upon them.
    You have cut them to the quick with your assessment of their ways.
    Now that you have exposed their perfidy and have spoken truth to power by exposing the killer’s disregard for diversity, homophobic hate speech, and blatant intolerance; I’m sure they will fold their Bedouin tents and fade with the dawn.

  8. isn’t it “hateful” to murder the unborn in the womb with money stolen from me at gun point by the government?

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