Our Nation’s First Black Billionaire, BET Founder – “Trump’s Economy Is Doing Great”

9 Comments on Our Nation’s First Black Billionaire, BET Founder – “Trump’s Economy Is Doing Great”

  1. Heard just yesterday that J-Z & Bounce are billionaires, and they cannot STAND President Trump. Might there be an inner-racial RACE war??

  2. Wealthy Black who made billion$ w/o a ball, Rap, or questionable acting skill. One in a trillion.

    Well done sir.

  3. Oh Oh,
    That demonic disease aka wealth is infecting blacks too. Robert Johnson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey & other blacks have unwittingly signed on to the left’s list of “those evil” rich SOBs. However, there is hope for these particular billionaires, ample evidence exists that democrats seem to be immune to the side effects of this terrible capitalist disease.

  4. During all of the recent MLK ceremonies I kept hearing black folk preaching about “getting out to vote.”
    I also heard “we shall overcome.”


    These house negroes evidently still stuck in the 60’s.

  5. Uncertainty is the enemy of growth next to an over-regulated economy crippled by a government that strangles the life out of it and which usually plays a big part in that uncertainty in the first place.

    Things are happening that can help the economy, separate from Wall Street, but perception is almost the only thing.

    We’re not out of the woods. Our economy is $21T out of kilter. We’re overdue for a correction. A Trade War is necessary but it’s going to cause everyone’s 401k to dwell in the shitter for a while. There’s a bunch of smoldering embers all over the Middle East and South China Sea waiting for cool breeze to feed them some oxygen and then the price of gas will skyrocket and we’ll all be in uncharted territory again.

    Angry, aggressive Homo ChiComs pining stoking nationalist rage so their one sons can die for a manmade island. Russians all over South and Central America and the ME. Europe assuming the prone position for IslamoCommies.

    The usual cluster can ruin our picnic. Protect your borders. Boost your war sustaining infrastructure. Quit selling our natural resources to ChiComs buying it with the proceeds of the trade war we weren’t fighting for 30 years.


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