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Outbreak of Colorblindness Strikes Chicago Reporters

AT: Chicago picked a strange time to go all colorblind on us. The occasion was the occasional riot in one of America’s premier high-end shopping districts: the Magnificent Mile.

Wednesday night, 500 people rampaged through downtown looting, destroying property, attacking white people, defying police, stopping traffic, threatening tourists, and created lots of mayhem and chaos.

All on video. Some of which you can find here.

If local media is to be believed, race had nothing to do with the fact that every single one of the rioters was black.

Strange behavior from a local media that is obsessed with race, especially white racism and black victimization. Every day, it is easy to find stories in Chicago about black schools, black politicians, black businesses, black neighborhoods, black income, black funeral homes, black mayors, black police chiefs, black district attorneys, black football players, black baseball players, black churches, black music, black television, black movies, black actors (wassup Jussie!!!), black history, black community activists, black nationalists and of course all the things that white people do to constantly aggravate them and force them into crime and violence wildly out of proportion.

Sorry about that. My check for reparations is in the mail.

This colorblindness may not be a permanent affliction, but it is at least the third time this year local media have come down with it.

Last Saturday night, a couple of hundred of the fellas and lovely ladies did pretty much the same thing in the same place.

Ditto a few weeks before that.

To their credit, at least the Second City Cop blog and CWBChicago.com let us know about the violence and the official indifference to it. But even these usually stalwart sources of good info about Chicago just could not bring themselves to mention that, for at least the third time this year, Chicago had a good old-fashioned race riot.  read more

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  1. Speaking of chimps, I just watched a story about Chicago’s Kim Foxx and her corruption. They showed a profile of her head and DAMNED if we haven’t found the missing link!

    The story showed nothing but blacks in charge…YET THEY STILL PLAY THE RACE CARD!
    I can’t imagine white folks living in that city much longer.
    Of course THEN, it will be utopia!

  2. Silly me, just racked it up to the “new” finding of a ‘Black Hole’.
    Still amazed it’s taken 30 plus years for the scientific community and the MSM to finally agree and acknowledge Oprah.
    Al Sharpen was never even axe’d for a response.

  3. Seems like with the Media, negroes and fags (perverts of any sort) can do no wrong.
    Oh … and moslems. And mexicans (any generic illegal-alien invading rat-people). And non-Conservative wymyn.

    I think I’m starting to see a pattern …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. …slanted reporting is hardly new, check the date on THIS…


    On December 28, 1991, thousands of black rap music fans gathered in Harlem for what promised to be an especially entertaining performance. Some of the biggest names in “hip-hop”—LL Cool J, Heavy D, Run D.M.C., and Bell Biv DeVoe—were to play basketball against each other. The event was heavily advertised, and soon there were far more fans than the gymnasium could hold. People without tickets decided to rush the doors and crowd into the gymnasium without paying. They started a stampede that bent the metal pole of a streetlight, broke through glass doors, and trampled ticketholders who were waiting to get in. Nine people were crushed to death. After rescue crews arrived and relieved the press of the crowd, fans stepped over bodies to get close to the rappers, and several robbed corpses. Rap stars who tried to help evacuate some of the dozens of injured were prevented by mobs of autograph-seekers. Five emergency rescue men were also injured when they were attacked by the crowd. It was, in short, a sorry display of callousness. Journalists, however, could not bring themselves to say so. The Associated Press blamed the horror on “the beast”: “The beast bent a lightpole in front of the gym building; it pestered rappers for photo ops and autographs in the morgue of the gym floor, distracting those who were trying to help the injured; it laughed and joked outside amid the despair; it robbed the dead.” “It” killed nine people. One white music critic went farther: “It’s no secret that our society teaches minorities to hate themselves. If you are not white, male, straight, middle-class, well-educated or well-off, you are told … that you and others like you are disposable…. You self-destruct and aid in the destruction of others. You do as you are told…. Should it come as any surprise that people trapped like animals in cages are going to rip each other apart out of sheer frustration? Why should they value human life when society judges their lives as meaningless?” At a memorial service two weeks after the deaths, speakers blamed the tragedy on the police, city officials, the “white establishment,” and “Uncle Tom blacks.” Rev. Lawrence Lucas of the Resurrection Roman Catholic Church called the deaths an “orchestrated disaster” designed to give the police an excuse to attack young blacks and to take power from them. Rev. Timothy Mitchell of the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church said the deaths were a “painful reminder of the racist, capitalist, individualistic society in which we live.” Thus exhorted, the crowd left the memorial service and promptly tried to storm a building as a protest. The way these deaths were reported and explained was not a departure from the way news about blacks is often handled. And yet many people must have found it strange. Why did the speakers at the memorial service seek excuses for inexcusable behavior? How did the “white establishment” start the stampede? How did racism cause young blacks to rob the corpses of other young blacks? Just who is it that is teaching minorities to hate themselves, and how do they manage it? No one asked those questions because no one ever asks those questions. If racism can make blacks do such horrible things, it must be a fearfully powerful force, and there must be a great many white racists. And yet, who are these racists? How are they able to do all the things they are said to do? Most whites probably cannot find in themselves the desire to oppress or persecute blacks. Most probably do not even know anyone who wants to do that. Could they even confidently cite the name of someone they have heard of who actively seeks to oppress blacks? Do you, the reader, oppress black people? If you wanted to, how would you go about it? It is unanswered questions like these—How did racism start that stampede in Harlem? Who teaches blacks to hate themselves?—that prompted the investigations in this chapter.

    Looking for Racism

    Many people think that to show that white racism causes black failure, all they must do is show that blacks fail. The cause falls into place”

    Start reading this book for free: http://a.co/4T8t3Hu

    “Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America” by Jared Taylor –

    …not a White person in sight, but Whitey’s fault nonetheless. Note that all the usual suspects line up to place that blame, too, mostly liberal Whites on other Whites…

    …and that’s a good book, BTW. Even though the headlines are dated, it will sound VERY familiar to you even if you weren’t BORN in the ’90s, further proof that the Devil is not creative, he just repeats because the NEXT generation might fall for it…

  5. Gee Wally, see whut they get away with when operating behind the veil of “White Supremacy”?

    Yeah Beave, but guess what, that veil is pretty thin cuz we can see right through it!

  6. Why there are still white people in Chicago is beyond me. Why there are still white people in South Africa is again beyond me. SA has openly stated that they will be killing white people soon. Better to leave with only your lives and start over somewhere else. I know white South Africans who have emigrated to Canada over the last 20 years – they were allowed to leave with the clothes on their backs and 2 suit cases each. Had to leave behind family pets and the money in their bank accounts. They all say it was the best decision they ever made for themselves and their families.

  7. Skin hue has nothing to do with it. Race is a social construct. It was the Amish last month. There’s just no video because… they’re Amish. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  8. “We got nuttin else to do.” Sure, cause you don’t want to work and nobody is hiring assholes @ $15 and hour, who don’t know shit from schinola about nuttin. So you fuck things up for everyone else.. If the thirty seven or so scumbags arrested each got a year in Cook County Jail, maybe that would curb their ferality. and bring them towards reality. But that ain’t gonna happen. No, fucking way. Chicago is going to Jusse Smillott these
    scumbags. Black privilage baby, it’s here to stay.


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