Outgoing Governor of Oregon Commutes Sentence of All Death Row Inmates – IOTW Report

Outgoing Governor of Oregon Commutes Sentence of All Death Row Inmates


Democratic Oregon Gov. Kate Brown commuted the death sentences of all 17 prisoners awaiting execution in the state, meaning the once-condemned inmates will now serve life without parole for their crimes.

The order went into effect on Wednesday, less than a month before Brown is set to leave office. The outgoing governor posted excerpts of her order to social media, in which she called the death penalty “immoral.” More

17 Comments on Outgoing Governor of Oregon Commutes Sentence of All Death Row Inmates

  1. I wonder if these “people” realize that this path they are leading us down leads to the old “eye for an eye” paradigm.

    The Left dragging civilization back to the dark ages.

  2. do you know what is also immortal? taking a life but I don’t see the leftist d-bags and their enablers on the right doing anything about that. sometimes I wish an asteroid would come and get rid of this place then perhaos we can start anew again.

  3. Commuting those death sentences to life imprisonment isn’t enough. Those who get in the way of justice are accountable as if they committed those murders. Gov. Woke has blood on her hands. Progressives usually do. They fail to realize capital punishment actually deters crime.
    Without the result of justice being served, through a death sentence for convicted murderers, the blood of their victims, cries out – justice is denied.

  4. For the death penalty to work, you have to use it. 30 years on death row doesn’t send the message.
    Like parents that count to 3, but never actually get to 3.
    The life of criminals is precious, but kill those babies as fast as possible.
    There’s an oxymoron, or just a moron.

  5. They’ll kill an innocent baby without a 2nd thought up until birth or even in an abortion where the baby is accidentally born alive but a scumbag killer sentenced to death by a jury of his peers and given 20 years of appeals is a life worth saving.

  6. Anyone, anyone who advocates for removal of a sentence of death needs to read the charges the felon was convicted of, the details of the horrendous act that led to a death sentence, before insisting on removal of the sentence.
    It is certainly a reasonable argument if the conviction itself is suspect, but for those where there is no question of guilt… well they need to understand the person behind the life they think they are saving.

  7. If a governor can commute a death sentence, so can a governor commute a life sentence without parole, to something that will give the liberals the goodie-feelies, like allowing the felons to apply for parole and getting it, or even better, open the prisons and let them all out, except for certain “white privilege” and “white supremist” types of Nazis who are such a big threat to democracy.

  8. For the life of me, I have the hardest time trying to decide which governor has the most punchable face: the little twit from Oregon, Kate the Dyke or the grinning idiot that runs Wisconsin, Tony Everett.


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