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Outside a Trump Rally

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  1. I didn’t realize that Pavlov had so many dogs. Say anything even remotely connected with conservative / traditional values or principles and they start drooling before they can can even think of some childish, moronic insult to spew. These “protesters” just parrot leftist talking points regardless of actual facts because they really don’t know the facts and don’t care that they don’t know them. It truly amazes me that people can be so mind-numbingly stoooooopid.

  2. If they stopped yelling for a couple of seconds, they’d hear the backlash coming down the road and picking up steam…..

  3. I see racists. LOTS of racists;

    Thanks, barry.

  4. Of only…if only…waiting….

  5. Let’s take back the narrative. It’s not being “racist”, it’s being pro-American, hopefully with policies that will defend against ANY illegal activity. Is the banner waver aware of the many Mexicans who’ve gone through due process of becoming an American citizen? ……I didn’t think so either.

  6. Deport the alien invading rat-people AND their enablers.

    America First.
    America Only.

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