Over 1.7 Million Hongkongers Defy Heavy Rain to Protest Police Violence

Epoch Times: A sea of umbrellas swarmed Hong Kong streets on Aug. 18 as Hongkongers organized mass protests for the 11th consecutive week.

What began as opposition to an extradition bill that would allow the Chinese regime to transfer individuals to face trial in mainland China, has since expanded to include broader demands for police accountability and open democratic elections.

Despite the pouring rain, scores of Hongkongers filled Victoria Park for a rally condemning police violence during previous demonstrations. The overwhelming turnout brought traffic in the dense city center to a standstill.

Though police did not approve an application for a march following the rally, locals defied the ban and spilled onto the streets nonetheless. more

5 Comments on Over 1.7 Million Hongkongers Defy Heavy Rain to Protest Police Violence

  1. brave chinks. God bless them.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. The first line of protection for politicians is the police. Unfortunately, they have to either stand down or suffer in order to make politicians feel the pain of their policies.

    I highly encourage their law enforcement to not sacrifice for scumbags, if you are listening, and I’m pretty sure you aren’t.

  3. Brave actions in the face of overwhelming
    force. Reminds me of a time when we went
    up against the toughest army in the world.
    There is a lesson for those socialism lovers
    that want to bring that murderous enslavement
    form of rule into America.
    I know Trump is silent on this but I cannot
    help but think that he is playing hardball behind
    the scenes to keep the Chicoms from invading HK
    while letting them “save face” with his silence.
    Should the enemy of freedom MSM leak such info
    it would doom the freedom fighters in HK.
    But since when would that stop those vultures?

  4. Having a repressive regime next door keeps them focused on what they’d be losing to the tyrants. Unlike the spoiled brats here they have a clear understanding of what’s at stake.
    Trump is keeping the screws tight on the commie’s expansionism ambitions and they’ve put themselves in a corner and now they’re squirming. This is when they’re the most dangerous. Trump is proving to the world that he’s a master statesman and the Chinese invincibility is way overstated.


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