Overzealous DC Stormtroopers Accidentally Target Undercover Fed Dressed Like Antifa Then Had to Pretend Like They Were Arresting Him – IOTW Report

Overzealous DC Stormtroopers Accidentally Target Undercover Fed Dressed Like Antifa Then Had to Pretend Like They Were Arresting Him

CTH: First things first.  If there ever was an actual “insurrection”, a couple hundred patriots with axe handles would easily crush these out-of-shape DC riot goons dressed like teenage ninja turtles. Just sayin’…  Although, to be fair, a few of the groups did look like they just raided the costume surplus from the last Batman movie.

Today, the feds planted undercover operatives all over the DC mall in an effort to manipulate the crowd and set-up another “insurrection narrative.”  However, in a hilarious turn of events no one showed up to play.   As a result, there were more media looking for stories than actual protestors, and the DC riot police looked like knuckleheads on a scavenger hunt for Easter eggs.  Dummies.

Amid the over-the-top nonsense, the DC police did notice a suspicious man dressed in Antifa garb wearing a concealed firearm.  However, when they moved in to question him, the doofus had to admit he was an undercover federal agent and showed his badge.  That’s when things really got funny because the cops, now with a case of the sads, had to pretend like they were arresting him in order to retain appearances. It was all caught on camera.  WATCH

h/t PHenry.

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  1. Are they going to leave him in solitary for eight months without being able to talk to anybody, including legal counsel?

    Those cops look like stormtroopers from Start Wars. RadioMattM

  2. I can’t tell you how much this whole scene shakes me up.
    1). Actual military men wearing stormtrooper gear to
    Intimidate ordinary citizens exercising their right to free expression.
    2). Government dressing their people like that.
    3). It has become apparent that government wishes
    for a real shooting war between citizens and the public so they can once and for all bury the 2nd amendment.

    Lock and load my friends. It’s coming.

  3. with every cop in D.C. either on duty at the Mall (or ‘undercover’ at the Mall)
    just think … what a great time to rob all the Liquor Stores in D.C.!

    wait … that wasn’t me …. somebody else snuck up & typed that while I was in the can …. really!

  4. Another Kabuki theater play written and produced by Bela Pelosi.

    The true dempanic is TDS, of which there is no synthetic vaccine available – only unvarnished truth kills off the TDS virus.

  5. Today’s events did look like a bad joke, but we must continue to be vigilant in these situations. The husk & his minions are just itching for the right person to go off the deep end & do something stupid. Then the government thugs can step in to save us from ourselves. After that happens & we are all in re-education camps wondering what happened, it will be too late.

  6. The phony baloney Republican establishment radio in Seattle has news at the top and bottom of the hour in which THE INSURRECTION is highlighted twice per hour every hour. Don’t anyone tell me that the Republican establishment wasn’t an integral part of Team Coup d’etat. There is no other reasonable conclusion other than they absolutely were.

  7. Hahhahaha! Reminds me of that meme with Steve Buscemi failing at masquerading as a teen with a backwards baseball cap and skateboard, saying, “How do you do, fellow kids?” Bwahahaha! How do you do, fellow patriots? GTFO.

  8. Yes, agents Foster Grant, L.L Bean, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the rest of their associates from the Banana Republic really had the deep cover thing down. C’mon, man…at least one of them could have worn camo cargo shorts and/or a wife-beater.

    And weren’t there any chick agents available to keep it from being a completely gay sausage party? But I guess the chicks were butching it up in the body armor.

  9. So if you are going to pretend to arrest the undercover cop, at least put handcuffs on him until you are out of sight. And don’t ask him if he is undercover while everyone is listening; what’s he supposed to say? Sheesh.

  10. In addition to the tells that were listed – Look at the shorts of the Ray Ban club meeting.

    They ALL have hemmed shorts – at the same length – that look like pants that have been cut off and altered. Way too similar. None of them are something you find on a rack at a store.

    Someone’s wife or GF has a sewing machine to help with their cosplay.

  11. It really is ridiculous the amount of money and effort bring put into the FIBs feeble attempt to show that the average conservative American is some sort of domestic terrorist.
    Those bozos stuck out like a turd in a punch bowl.

  12. The picture of the “cookout party dads” (good one CT) is completely stereotypical.
    All standing with their feet in at ease position. All trying to blend in and still look menacing. Not even a water bottle in anyone’s hands.

    Sid these guys not watch shows that made fun of this as kids?

    The propaganda outlets will stop claiming an armed Trump supporter was arrested when the truth gets around.
    I hope Trump says something.

  13. The Feds never get the undercover thing right. Big clues they’re not Antifa leftist tools;

    They’re older millennials and Gen Xers – too old.

    No tattoos covering almost every surface of their bodies.

    Hair is not a knotted, sticky mangled rat’s nest.

    Nobody smelled a stench radiating from them just before they appeared in the crowd.

    They weren’t chanting some lame radical verse from 60 yrs ago.

    Total hilarious fail.
    Operation Keystone Cops


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