Ozzy’s New Music Video Will “make you defecate”

Ozzy Osbourne released a video in support of his new song “Straight to Hell ” this week.

In the clip, Osbourne is seated and holding a cane amid a clash between demonstrators and authorities wearing riot gear. It’s not made clear what exactly is being protested, but various signs read “The devil is my best friend,” “Better than yours,” “Stop premature Christmas decorating” and “I’m grounded for life.”

 To describe it as an antifa wet dream would be an understatement. Funny how no one in the comments section on YouTube made the connection. Watch

30 Comments on Ozzy’s New Music Video Will “make you defecate”

  1. At Ozzy’s age, how he is going to be able to defecate is at the forefront of most of his decisions.

    For the last 10 years, his stage show has consisted of him holding onto a microphone stand like a crutch as he bounces up and down like a mexican jumping bean with osteoporosis.

    Elvis may have died on the toilet but Ozzy is going to die on the way to one.

  2. The lyrics seem to be about drug addition the video is all antifa rioting, for fun and political intimidation.

    So, is causing anarchy in the streets like a drug or is antifa full of a bunch of drugged up losers? Either way, it’s a bad look for everyone, especially Ozzy with the mascara and walking cane.

  3. Saturday is my “POOPIN’ DAY.” I’ll skip the Dulcolax, & take this with me to the crapper on Saturday morning! 😀

  4. What a pathetic video and song – well, truth be known it’s not really a song.

    Just fade away into the sunset Ozzy. Your (better) days are well behind you.

  5. I always thought his music was shit in the first place. Other than biting the head off a bat on stage has he ever taken a crap on stage and eaten it in front of an audience like Jim Morrison supposedly did. All these moron old rockers, the ones who are still alive are disgusting, always have been and always will be.

  6. Sitting on his ass because he literally cant stand. Voice is processed beyond auto tune. He cant even talk.

    He is a total alcoholic wreck with nothing left to say.
    His son is a useless piece of shit.
    His daughter is a filthy pig who should never have been on TV.
    And His wife is a calculating B-TCH hated by any decent hard rock musician who ever had to deal with her.

    And I’m an old Rocker from the 80’s. I prefer AC/DC any day of the week. And by the way, all of his best musicians were AMERICAN ( Randy Rhodes, Zac Wild)

  7. Anarchy in a hard rock music video? Okay. Interesting.
    Anarchy in real life? Not as cool as portrayed.

  8. Ozzy, if the bat had had Rabies, you’d have died a Legend…
    Now your just Caitlin Jenner having a period.


    A lot of Ozzy lyrics, and those of others describe being inhabited by demons and what’s behind their eyes, voices in their head, not having control of their bodies etc. To get rich and famous, they partake in a ceremony where they allow a demon to take over their body, and the torture comes out in their music.

    Lyrics for “S.I.N.” is one of many, here is “Ghost Behind My Eyes”

    There is person living in my head
    She comes to visit every night in bed
    I fight the demon, but it just won’t fall
    The voices in my dungeon starting to call
    The spiders dancing on the wall
    Suicide of love we could have had it all
    And it is you, you are the ghost behind my eyes
    The ghost that tells me lies
    The princess of the dark has made my mind home
    My haunted head and her won’t leave me alone
    She dances on my heart with fire in my soul
    I hate that feeling when I’m losing control
    The spiders dancing on the wall
    Suicide of love we could have had it all
    And it is you, you are the ghost behind my eyes
    The ghost that tells me lies
    I wish to god that I could sleep again, oh peace again
    And wake up from this nightmare
    Free again

    Just so you know what you are listening to from their perspective. . .

  10. “I’ll make you scream I’ll make you defecate”

    Taco Bell is already in talks with Ozzy to use that in their new advertising campaign.

  11. Sorry Oz … got Metamucil … don’t need you.

    Ozzie Osbourne the human laxative?
    What a claim to fame!
    Typical of our times.

    izlamo delenda est …

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