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Pakistan Is in ‘South Asia’


A total of 25 men mostly of South Asian descent have been sentenced to a collective 346 years in prison over the “abhorrent in the extreme” rape, sexual abuse, and trafficking of girls between 1999 and 2012 in the North Kirklees area of West Yorkshire.

Operation Tourway, an investigation starting in 2015 focussing on the towns of Batley and Dewsbury, has jailed 25 men in connection to the “absolutely shocking offending” sexual abuse, rape, and trafficking of eight girls, whom the police said were treated as “defenceless commodities to be abused and traded at whim”. More

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  1. It seems that the common (deceptive) usage these days is that South Asia is the preferred term for Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, and that “South Asian” is the preferred term for “Wog”.

  2. Such good boys they were, too, growing up. And they had their whole lives in front them. So much promise. Their mothers must be heartbroken – but are probably mostly dead.

  3. Not sure what the dividing line is between north and south Asia.

    I suggest the old Silk Road as a demarkation line. Maybe Paki-land straddles that line.

    Back to the business at hand. Given that these rapers were in the UK, then UK should let in thousands of sheep and goats to remedy the frightfull shortage of sex partners for those chaps.

    Those guys are also ugly buggers. The sheep and goats might very well resist their advances.

  4. @Heatsync

    Yep. Classic. Can you imagine The Honorable MP and British Empire Queen’s Medal recipient Sir Nasar Iqbal, Victoria Cross, First Lord of Houndsbreath Manor, Friends of the King’s Stable and Ascot, Lord Earl of the Royal Annual Fox Hunt?

    I can’t either, but the way Britain is going, anything is possible.

  5. no jail time. take each one of these animals and put a bullet in their heads. make each one watch as they are executed. put it on tv so everyone can see. and execute any one who has the nerve to defend these animals. never say all civilizations are equal.


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