Pam Bondi Does A Great Job Laying Out Case Against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma

Schiff and the other idiots kept bringing up Biden and Burisma to use against Trump. So Miss Pam decided to use it against them, and rub their faces in it, pretty hard.
It was glorious.

Breitbart: Former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi made the White House’s case to the Senate on Monday afternoon that President Donald Trump had good reason to ask Ukraine to investigate the conflict of interest involving former Vice President Joe Biden; his son Hunter Biden; and the corrupt Ukraine gas company, Burisma.

Using clips of testimony from Democrats’ own witnesses, and reports from the mainstream media — including an ABC News interview with Hunter Biden — Bondi argued that Hunter Biden was paid handsomely for little reason other than that he was the vice president’s son. The company was under investigation at the time — and Vice President Biden later famously insisted the prosecutor be fired.

She also noted that Hunter Biden was involved in business with Chris Heinz, the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry. Both were involved in Ukraine — and elsewhere — at a time when ending corruption was said to be the top priority of the United States and other western governments in dealing with Ukraine. read more [Watch].

10 Comments on Pam Bondi Does A Great Job Laying Out Case Against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma

  1. Keep in mind that Pam Bondi is the one in authority at the time who unleashed the fraud trial against the justified shooting of the hood rat {If Obama had a son} Travon Martin.
    For that alone I’ll never trust her.

  2. And she was promptly censored/blacked out by the Big 3 Fake Media.

    At least her remarks are forever in the Public Record.


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