Donald Trump’s Triple Lindy

Donald Trump’s Triple Lindy

They said he wouldn’t be president, then they pushed the #RussiaHoax, and now they’re on to the #UkraineHoax. @realDonaldTrump will not stop winning. #NeverGiveUp#Trump2020

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  1. OT

    Can someone please tell me why the death of a professional athlete is more tragic then the deaths of the approximately 150,000 other people who died worldwide yesterday?

  2. Grool, i just saw an article that the super bowl half time show is going to do a tribute. I wont see it. I don’t watch the game.

  3. @ grool JANUARY 28, 2020 AT 3:56 AM

    Understand I love you and am not trying to be an ass to you.

    That said, who says it’s more tragic? I don’t get that out of all the publicity at hand.

    Is your question more of a – why are we talking about this one so much?


    Can you name the other 149,999, tell us what they did, how they died, whom they died with? It’s really just something to talk about for now and if sports is the only good he contributed to the world, this attention will be short-lived.

    In your defense, I would say Kobe is no more important than any of the others, and if any of the others were committed to the gospel of Jesus, then those deaths are much more tragic.

    But fame, or the lack thereof, is the difference, as far as I see it.

    No one said life, or death, is fair. Should we really have a ranking system in place to check against before being able to speak about someone? Who would be in charge of that?

    It is what it is. I am sad he died, but he was no loss in my life, personally. I don’t watch basketball, or follow any of the players, and the sport could dry up and blow away without any affect in my life.

  4. Dad, you’re not being assish at all. But you’ve nailed it:

    “Can you name the other 149,999, tell us what they did, how they died, whom they died with?”

    No I cannot, and it doesn’t matter that neither of us can. Other than the wicked who met their just end, the deaths of those nameless ones were no less of a tragedy or a loss than his. For crying out loud, in many reports most of the other eight who perished into eternity are barely footnotes…his is presented as the true loss. Which again makes the point how sick this is.

    Let’s be clear what actually goes on with news like this: it is just a dying whore media that is cynically demanding our attention – which equates to revenue for them – by focusing on one person who was no better than pretty much anybody else who died the same day.

    The issue of sick parasocial relationships (aka the idolatry of the famous) is a related but separate, equally depressing discussion.

  5. grool, I think many feel as you do. The first day on FB comments on news stories were all how tragic, sadness, his greatness, etc. Yesterday when news were posting new articles, people were commenting such things as why are you only mentioning him and his daughter, there were other people who lost their lives and their deaths were just as tragic, one of them was a fairly famous and beloved coach along with his wife and daughter. Then I even saw some family members of the others who were very upset with the media, because they found out about their family member’s death from the media, knowing their family member was on the helicopter.

  6. “I guess it was if you idolized his occupation”

    Yep, and knowing that, the media capitalized (literally) upon it.

    Meanwhile, to further illustrate the point, the deaths of other celebrities not as idolized as sportsball demigods, if idolized at all, get only a brief passing mention. No $$$ in hyping them.

    It shows the crass greediness of the saturating “news” industry that we increasingly can no longer choose to tune out.

  7. O.R.W.W.,

    I hate to think this but I’ll bet there were wicked people who then attacked those who wondered why the other victims of the crash weren’t mentioned nearly as much, as if doing so somehow diminished their idol’s supposed greatness (and probably be racist).

  8. I was amazed by the crass-ness of the woman from WaPo that brought up Kobe’s legal and moral transgressions immediately.

    Yeah – too soon, you insensitive hack. Good grief.

    Some people only see their own agendas. Everyone else is fodder for it.

  9. @ Grool, yes his death is tragic cause he use to bounce a ball. Extremely important occupation and now he’s gone. /sarc

    Farmers and Ranchers get paid little over minimum wage and they grow food to sustain our bodies. But they’re not as important as ball players.

  10. Can someone please tell me why the death of a professional athlete is more tragic

    Some CA newscaster person said it was a nigger.

  11. …huh, my comment looks out of place but it’s the only one that’s sort of on topic.


    …anyway, if it’s about dead ballers, the guy on the radio this morning said the only reason we talk about a guy like that so much is because his fame has made him well known, so it’s something people all over the Nation have a common knowledge of and so can all discuss. It’s also something of a mortality check for some folks because someone relatively young that they heard of died, so maybe it means they, themselves won’t live forever, so in a way, folks are all mourning their own mortality.

    …and I’ve already said my piece several threads ago about it, but I’ll say a bit more. I don’t watch basketball, never heard things about those guys in general and this guy in particular until they get rapey, hate the President, get a big shoe contract, or all three together, so I don’t care a bit one way or another about him. He doesn’t impact my life at all.

    But he is a fellow human, made in the image of God, just as I am, just as you are. And I won’t disrespect his death for his Lord’s sake, if no other reason.

    I sometimes ask for prayers here for this or that problem, usually pretty extreme ones, and although this isn’t a Bible site by ANY means, I have always been touched by the responses. It seems that we are, as a whole, a pretty decent, Christian, loving group that doesn’t stint when a person needs help in reaching the Throne Room for the intercession of the Lord during their darkest hours. And that is one thing that I love here and keeps me coming back.

    I am NOT famous. Nothing I do or is done to me will have more than a very local impact on a very small group of people. No one knows me, only a few here even know my ACTUAL name, and yet many will ask the Lord to move on my behalf, just because I am a troubled child of God in need, and that is enough for them. And I thank them.

    But my God is big enough for ALL the prayers in ALL the world, so I don’t feel I am taking anything from someone else in need when I ask for prayer for myself and mine. The Lord is bigger than all, and has shoulders the entire Universe can fit on, so he will see their needs and mine just the same, and no prayer will go unheard, and He will answer all as He sees fit, to the glory of His name.

    Because of this, I will not stint on prayers for those in need, whatever I may think of the person they mourn or what that person may have done. I am not worthy of prayer except that God makes me so, and so it is with others, they are not worthy in and of themselves, but that God makes THEM worthy, same as ME. I’m not going to say it makes them UNworthy just because of what their dad, husband, baby daddy, whatever did or did not do in his life, nor am I going to hate him for his disproportionate attention getting.

    Kobe Bryant is dead. He has gone to his judgement before the Throne, and has been rewarded by the Lord in perfect accordance with what he deserves. Good man or bad man, he no longer needs prayers, the Lord has literally given him all that he deserves.

    But he leaves behind family and friends, just as all those on the helicopter, including his own daughter, have done.

    And THEY are worthy of our prayers.

    It doesn’t matter if WE love Kobe Bryant.

    Someone does.

    It doesn’t matter if WE love his family.

    The Lord does.

    I pray the Lord comfort them in their hour of need, and that he strengthen them to the task of mourning their dead and comforting their living, just as we all will do one day, just as we all will have done for us one day. God hold his hand over them and use this tragedy to guide them closer to His side.

    In the precious name of Jesus, amen.

    God Bless,

  12. SNS,

    “made in the image of God”

    Sorry but Adam alone was made in God’s likeness, and Eve by extension. But that terminated when they sinned and cursed our race with sin. The genealogy shows it:

    Genesis 5:3

    “And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in *his* [Adam’s] own likeness, after *his* image; and called his name Seth.”

    Both Cain and Seth were conceived in Adam’s fallen-ness, not God’s intended sinless holiness. That is why “all [of us] have sinned.” We get it from our father Adam.

    But! To be in Christ via believing the saving Gospel of grace is the only way to be restored to the image of God, by taking on the life of Christ. Apart of Him, all are yet in Adam’s likeness and so are lost in sin.

  13. grool
    JANUARY 28, 2020 AT 11:05 AM

    …you are right that Man is fallen and sin-stained, but a copy of a copy is still a likeness, however distorted and fuzzy it may be.

    Someone wiser than me said we all see through a glass darkly, to wit:

    “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”
    1 Corinthians 13:12

    …and so it is with Man. We don’t see God in each other’s countenances, but we DO see a distortion of Our Lord in them, as the Creator designed it and gave it His spark to animate it. God’s hand is clearly visible in each person, however sinful or righeous; but the more the Lord shines through the person, the clearer the image becomes.

    …but you will note I do not name any as a child of God. That does require recieving Christ as your Savior, it doesn’t come with the equipment. I don’t know where anyone is in their faith walk including Mr. Bryant’s family, so I can’t name them as such, but we can all pray that they are, or find Him through tragedy. I say I am his child because I am, as I am blood-bought and have accepted His gift and praised Him as my Lord, which is the ONLY thing that makes me, or ANYONE, worthy of the title. And yes, I do slip, and currse, and hate, and do things that are not worthy of Him, but that does not renounce the Gift, though it does give me yet another self-imposed burden that I need to shed before it’s MY time to be judged.

    And with His help and grace, I will.

    And ONLY with His help and grace.

    …all of which is to say that, all are His creations and bear the stamp of His original creation, Adam, as you said; and, AS His creations, it is His will that we pray for them, ALSO, to find Him, if they have not already; and that, more than what they look like, is the point.

    “1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

    2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

    3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;

    4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

    5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

    6 Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.”
    1 Timothy 2, 1-6

    …For ALL men.

    This particular man is just the springboard.

    …so, all I’m saying is, at the end of the day, to pray.

    Can’t hurt.

    It may help.

    And it’s what our Lord commands.

    God bless, SNS

  14. SNS,

    Not to argue but even if I agreed there’s still some likeness to God (and I can’t based on that genealogy), it still would count for nothing before Him because of our sin. Not sinS, but SIN – the condition into which we’re all born. Indeed, He calls those who are lost His enemies upon whom wrath abides, lest they repent unto Christ.

    I belabor this point only because there is a widespread false belief in Christendom that all, regardless of faith or lack of it, are “children of God” in a familial (if estranged) sense, rather than in the metaphorical but accurate sense of “children” by virtue of Man being created by Him. I suspect you don’t believe that all have some claim upon Him as His children, from all you have said. All any of us can appeal to is His mercy and grace, found only in the cross and the empty tomb of the Son.


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