Robin Hoodwink

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  1. Unfortunately fellow legislators of both parties refuse to go after Shitty Schift this fraudulent criminal liar. The man is a subhuman puke and has no business being anywhere near a position that could effect the public.

  2. …that’s an improper presentation of a bo staff. It’s really more of a swinging and prodding weapon, and while you may rotate it a few degrees to deflect a blow or if close-in (which you shouldn’t be) and the opportunity presents itself.

    Rapid rotation in front may be showy, but will only have any result if your opponent can be intimidated. Otherwise, you’re just exposing your weapon to an easy counter…maybe not this easy, but there’s things your opponent can do. Plus his footing was already uncertain in this venue, and the rotational momentum only serves to weaken his balance and force him to compensate, which again leaves him pushing in the wrong direction if the motion is suddenly arrested.

    …fun fact about tae kwon do weapons like the bo, nunchaku, and the tonfa (the progenitor of the modern police PR-24), among others…

    …they were all created as farming implements and were only pressed into service as weapons when Japanese invaders denied the Koreans knives and swords. It seems that EVERY group of overlords ALWAYS starts the slavery by taking the “weapons”.

    …the Koreans then improvised, as oppressed people always do, and these rude improvisations let them take REAL weapons from dead Japanese.

    Just as the Jewish people in the Wausau Ghetto did.

    …this is why “disarming” is stupid.

    …there are ALWAYS weapons.

    …remember that…

  3. “overlords ALWAYS starts the slavery by taking the weapons”

    thus the gun control push by the leftist in the good ole USA


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