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Pamela Geller in a Bikini

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  1. Actually, there’s no comparison between the two. Geller is totally babe-alicious while Lena Sowface is a total slug! That one would send me running for a monastery!

  2. Worth noting, too, is the fact that Pamela, at 58, is almost exactly TWICE AS OLD (!) as Lena Done Ham at 29.

    I am NOT amused to discover a black screen when I click on a video with the title, “Pamela Geller in a Bikini,” BFH!

  3. The weirdest thing about this (thankfully FAILED) lawsuit, is that it failed only because the imprisoned muzzies did not use the right form (gotta LOVE those bureaucrats!).

    GO PAM!


    On a lighter note: If she (or Liz Barnhardt, or whoever) really wanted to get a rise out of the muzzie world, a bikini with a “Porky Pig” theme would be nice.

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