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Pantene Campaign Touts Prepubescent Transgenderism

I have become confused.

Why can’t this kid be “a girl” without resorting to gender stereotypes?

Why does a boy, who thinks he is a girl, need to put on a dress to feel like a girl?

Seems kinda gender-binary specific, no?

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  1. So this kid’s parents are telling him that as long as he is open about being trans “everyone will love me”? Oh boy.

    Notice the father doesn’t do ANY talking.

  2. hmmm. just read an article from a vet dr who is noting that dogs in england die 10% earlier from stats 10 yrs ago. they think it may be from early neuter programs where they neuter before puberty and the lack of hormones during puberty results in 10% decrease in longevity.

  3. Fun Family.

    I see Patricide, Matricide followed by Suicide in this awakened families Future.


  4. The person on the left sits like former Prince Harry while the slightly more “female parent” speaks.

    The kid will be quite depressed by age 21 unfortunately.

  5. Dad is creepy. Maybe if he actually acted as a FATHER and didn’t let attention-seeking mom hold the show, the poor boy wouldn’t have such feelings. So very, very sad.

  6. Why does anyone need to sell this stuff to me?

    You wanna be gay? Go for it.

    You wanna be transgender? Go for it.

    You wanna be into bestiality? Take it up with PETA.

    Not my problem. I don’t GAS.

  7. Finally a product I am using I can give give up. These stupid ass companies need to get off the “woke” train.

  8. Why is it always a creepy enabling mom egging her messed-up son on to even greater absurdities?

  9. I don’t know why, but all this child abuse brought to mind one time when I was about 5 and I was pretending to be a boy peeing and using my thumb as a weenie. Thanks Mom for not mutilating me and pumping me full of drugs.


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