Parent won’t let boy identify as 7 years-old, but encourages him to identify as a girl – IOTW Report

Parent won’t let boy identify as 7 years-old, but encourages him to identify as a girl


This kid obviously likes to pretend he’s things he is not. When he says he’s 7, the parent corrects him. You can’t have a kid identifying as older than he is, God forbid.

But she doesn’t correct him when he says he’s a girl. She obviously desires her kid to be “transgender.”

In her f*cked up mind this sets her apart from the mundane, she is now on the cutting edge of fashion, fad-ism, and suburban housewife progressivism, at the expense of the poor child.

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  1. The parents should be shot, and the kid put up for adoption by sane people.

    What kind of narcissistic morons self-aggrandize and desperately try to fit-in with a lunatic crowd so they get attention by abusing their child? These two morons.

  2. Maybe this is the result of sheltering in place with the kids for two years under strict orders.

    This is Democrat induced madness.

    Those of us who don’t follow orders and mandates faired much better than their obedient sheep.

  3. And ‘personality traits’ are also inherited. So, like mother (and/or father), like son. It’s possible some of what we see there is exactly that. If you’re screwed-up, do you even know it until presented with overwhelming evidence? The mother is probably not even aware of her own deficiencies, however caused. The kid is ‘acting out’ and it’s too soon to know exactly how he will turn out.

  4. @GenM
    It’s actually not ‘too soon to know exactly how he will turn out’.

    If they get the kid away from this crazy bitch and put him into a normal, loving household he’ll probably be just fine. If they don’t he’ll be


    Obviously this cum dumpster woman has a man problem and will take it out on her little boy.

  5. It might be child abuse, it’s might be madness, it might be evil, a mental disorder, or it could be the kid is really a girl trapped in a boy’s body. It doesn’t matter because it’s none of those things to the mother. It’s much more shallow than all of that. It’s simply for attention and “likes” on Tik-Tok. The result of her actions in the future is irrelevant to the instant gratification the mother receives today.

  6. “Obviously this cum dumpster woman has a man problem and will take it out on her little boy.” -PHenry

    Indeed. I think that’s a valid conclusion. My point is that not only her but also her child could be genetic, personality “cum dumpters” to start with. I’ve seen it happen in the extended family…

    However, the number of personality traits is actually large, and, like other human characteristics, it takes years to see which ones dominate. Right now, she’s stimulating the wrong ones that were probably inherited. Put the boy in a more honest environment and emphasize normal boy stuff, and the problem might (and might not) slowly correct itself. I suspect the father has an even bigger problem. And final suspicion? Mother and father have a fundamental rift of some sort between them.

    (I love talking about kids growing up…)

  7. Tik Toc is another addiction. Every crazy narcissist uses it. The sheer number of children who are being psychologically abused probably dwarfs physical abuse. It’s another plague.

  8. Although the boy is being brainwashed by his morally deprived, evil mother, he clearly at 5yrs. is still all boy. He instinctively, likes to climb, is very imaginative and not focused on listen to his yammering nutcase mother.
    He thinks pretending to be a girl at this age is a game. It hasn’t damaged his psyche – yet.
    However, by age 7 and beyond things will start to get real for him. He’ll either give in to his sick upbringing and become a deviant or rebel and fight for his sanity – identify as the boy God created him to be.
    Whatever the outcome both of his parents need to pay for the terrible abuse this child is experiencing.

  9. The Parents are Satanist Pedophiles …they all need to be burnt alive at the stake …..

    Fix this website so we don’t have to post our name and email each time we comment ..what a crap system you have ….

  10. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    It is time to stand up and remove these evil beings from our world.

  11. We were promised a softer fairer world when women were given positions of power.
    We did as we were told and bent over (backwards) for them.Well girls,look at the state of the world.This does all seem like a concerted effort to lose all men their jobs Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to advertise for chinese girls to come to the west,at least there would be some competition


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