Paris and Berlin asked to explain why no “lights” for Russia after Islamic nail bomb attack

“Some lives are more important than others” is the charge.

‘Do some deaths count more than others?’ Paris and Berlin slammed for failing to light up iconic landmarks in solidarity with St Petersburg victims as they did for Westminster attack

  • Brandenburg Gate was lit up in colours of British flag after attack on Westminster
  • But Berlin will not repeat the tribute in the wake of the attack in St Petersburg
  • Lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris were also dimmed after London terror attack 
  • Paris mayor came under pressure to explain why the same had not been done for the people of St Petersburg, and has now agreed to dim the landmark’s lights 


17 Comments on Paris and Berlin asked to explain why no “lights” for Russia after Islamic nail bomb attack

  1. I’m surprised the Russians are seeking a showing of symbolism, especially from someone that has shown such spinelessness in the same conflict that Russia just suffered an attack.

  2. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally feel like I have more in common with the Russians than any other country.

  3. The dichotomies presented are incredible looking in from this side of history.

    During the Revolution, the British hired about 30K Hessian troops to defeat liberty and France sent troops to our aid in the cause of our Liberty.

  4. Dam Straight. I am liking
    the Russkies more & more.
    As a Christian I know this maybe wrong
    but I would like Putin to F***-UP some
    muzzie scum…

  5. that is disgusting. Berlin and France afraid to show support for the Russians because fear of mohammedan madmen?

  6. I can’t wait until Putin stops by to play golf.mAnd they stage fights on the golf course. I’m talking staged blood, nine irons bent across each other’s foreheads. All out war. KGB and SS firing blanks at each other. Do it up big. That would be about the end of the press with an agenda.

  7. Let’s send over John Kerry and James Taylor with his guitar to sing “You’ve Got a Friend”. Maybe they’ll both die mysteriously while there.

  8. At least there’s a chance Putin will order a cleanse of all things rotten, filthy, disgusting and muslim. Arm Russian troops to the teeth and march those worthless scum right out of the country. Maybe the good liberals in Hollywood and Beverly Hills would be willing to host a few million.

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