Party Harder—The Doomsday Clock Just Sprung Forward


ICYMI — we’re all for real actually super duper no not kidding this time totes legit gonna die:

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  1. Globaloney Warming!

    How to stay relevant when you’ve run out of actual scientific ideas!
    (and get lots of money from Globaloney Warming Scam, Inc.)

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. How oh how could these snoflakes have survived Reagan calling the USSR “the Evil Empire” & top Scientists all claiming we were headed into another Ice Age? I miss the 80’s.

  3. The doomsday clock moved forward?

    Hillary must be upset with an entire country for that to happen.

  4. And who makes the


    Decisions regarding the
    Doomsday Clock ?

    Well, Who ?

    And who are they politically connected to ?

  5. Hopefully whoever will nuke D.C. while PDTJ is out of town with Pence and the Conservative Caucus while congress is in full session, with pelosi speaking.

  6. “the Doomsday Clock is an instrument of the arbitrary whims of some scientists. It might as well be the Doomsday Dartboard.”

    Oh, so true!


  7. The clock always seems to move forward when the US has a President who does not hand a bar of soap to the world’s tyrants then bends over.

  8. The Doomsday clock like the Rapture has never occurred and is just more Chicken Littles screaming, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” If Iran gets nukes and tries to nuke us then they will cease to exist depending upon whether Israel beats us to it first.

  9. “Bullshit” of Atomic “scientists”. What fucking science did they use to come up with 100 seconds ? Why not 99 ?

  10. I served with the 544th Intelligence Exploitation Squadron of the Strategic Air Command back during the height of the Cold War. We weren’t really worried about the USSR attacking the US because we knew that the USSR was aware of what SAC would do to them if they ever did. A sure, swift and overwhelming response is a powerful deterrence and SAC made sure the Ruskies knew what was in store for them if they got froggy.

  11. Fools crying wolf and boring the villagers.
    I will say that we may be going into a deep
    Solar minimum that will kill a lot of people.
    That’s not climate change so much as Solar variability.

  12. I know I’m not the only one who knows Pat Cashman is a Seattle boy. Probably the last best thing that came out of Seattle — from the good old days (before half of The Bay Area and southern CA “discovered” our real estate prices).

    Roscoe’s Rug Emporium Going Out of Business Sale:


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