California Inmate Has Allegedly Beaten to Death 2 Child Molesters With a Cane While in Prison

Pluralist: A California inmate caused the deaths of two child molesters after beating their heads with a walking cane last week, authorities said. 

Jonathan Watson, 41, allegedly attacked David Bobb, 48, and Graham De Luis-Conti, 62, on Thursday at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran. They were taken to the hospital with head wounds. read more

28 Comments on California Inmate Has Allegedly Beaten to Death 2 Child Molesters With a Cane While in Prison

  1. Jonathan Watson should be getting through the dinner line for seconds. Sounds like he’s been working a little extra hard lately.

  2. Cisco, but if you use a stick in a similar manner, you haven’t beaten the stick beating with a stick. You’ve only matched it. To beat the stick beating with a stick (so to speak), you must employ something other than a stick. (-;

  3. Finally some justice for the 2 pedos! In my country pedos max out at 18 months on average and then re-offend.

    Chhers! With a non-toilet glass of wine to Jonathan Watson!

  4. How is it that all three of them weren’t already out of jail? This was in California, right?
    Wondering if Watson will try to get out for good behavior

  5. He should be rewarded with uneasy job where he has access to metal canes.

    News flash…
    Two inmates in California have beaten each other to death.
    Details at 10pm.

  6. Don’t kill the short eyed monsters, not until they spill the beans on ALL their contacts, customers and codefendents. Epstein’s death let too many monsters off the hook. Then kill them

  7. send that man a carton of cigarettes. how do set him up with a “go fund me”?

    the first prison gang to own this market will forever get a pass in the hearts and minds of the rest of us. as in ‘_____, yah they are bad but at least they kill convicted pedos’.

  8. The only known cure for pedophilia is execution, the muslims seem to both do this, and punish this, in the same paradoxical universe.

    *Note: Jeffrey Dahmer was bludgeoned with a mop bucket wringer by an inmate at a mental health prison in Madison, Wisconsin.


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