Patriot Pet Project Has a New Addition

This is Delmar!

As soon as I saw Delmar I knew he was going on top of a mountain. Talk about owning the world. I’m happy the owner agreed to our fantasy Frazetta-like setting.

17 Comments on Patriot Pet Project Has a New Addition

  1. What a handsome little doggie!!! Love the look in his eye; “Yah, I know I’m bad. But ya gotta love me!”

  2. Perfect. The pup does own the world, and everything about him tells you so.
    And from personal experience, this one has to seen with your own eyes to really appreciate it.

    BFH owns the pet portrait world.

  3. One thing about dogs is that if you treat them like they are kings they will start believing it. Looks like he believes.

  4. I love that he’s giving you the “side-eye.” Great work, BFH.

    @eternal cracker p – Delmar is a fine-looking fellow. Bet he gets his way a lot. 😉


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