Pay Your Respects, Then Celebrate

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10 Noreen (Chicka)
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14 Paul (Pickle)

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To submit your critter pictures for an upcoming Sunday Critters, please email them to:

They must be a picture you (or family/friend) took and are willing to have us publish them on this site. Do not send any images you found on the internet.

Use ‘Critters‘ in the subject line. Include your screen name in the body of the email. Tell me the name of your critter so I can include it with your screen name. Let us know in the comments any other info you want to share!

More patriotic Critters (for Independence Day)
Funny or surprised critters
More daddy critters with their babies

Thanks for those of you who have responded with great pictures!

10 Comments on Pay Your Respects, Then Celebrate

  1. I love orange tabby cats, I’ve got one, he’s a good cat which we got as a rescue cat 5 years ago from the local animal shelter. I had a fleeting glimpse of a black bear early Thursday morning on my way from Plains, Mt. to Hot Springs, Mt. on my way up to Flathead Lake and Kalispell, I just saw the bear as he was disappearing into the woods after it had crossed the road in front of me. It was only the 2nd bear I’ve seen while out driving. And another bald eagle in amongst the crows feasting on a deer carcass, I’m still amazed every time I see this.

  2. Not sure why, but I really like the one of the muddy white dog running down the dirt road.

    C’mon boy! Let’s go!

  3. Thank you to the men and women who had the courage to fight for good that we, today, enjoy the fruits of your sacrifice. Your determination and resolve in the face of the enemy, often with the knowledge of certain death, can only be repaid if we adopt the same resolve for those who come after us.

  4. I’ve seen some chatter saying Memorial Day is to honor servicemen KIA only, not living veterans.
    Not sure I agree. And what about those who passed away after serving?
    Anybody care to comment?


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