Payback: Democrats rig Tulsi Gabbard right out of their next debate

American Thinker:

Iconoclastic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard did the unforgiveable in the eyes of the hidebound Democratic Party establishment: She knocked down one their favorites, Kamala Harris. 

Because right after this incident from the last debate:

Now, through the miracle of rule-rigging, the Democratic establishment has maneuvered to exact a price from her: No appearance at the next Democratic debate. No more taking down the next favorite.

Get a load of this from Michael Tracey in a piece written for RealClearPolitics:

Tulsi Gabbard is on the verge of being excluded from the next Democratic presidential debate on the basis of criteria that appear increasingly absurd.


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  1. I hope nobody is dumb enough to think they won’t be trying to rid the general election, too.

    btw, i had a thought.
    Since the demented mueller indicted russian nationals for fraud because they posted political comments on social media, it would probably be a good idea to call the FBI when you see any foreigners posting about american politics on social media.
    I know i’ve seen a number of Canadians posting comments that I don’t think are true. So the FBI may want to investigate them to see if they are defrauding American citizens with this activity.

    We really need to let the FBI know about these things.

    example, some foreigner posts a comment saying that Trump is a nazi. He’s not a nazi and it seems that that FBI may want to begin extradicting and prosecuting those people for saying so.
    Mueller thought it was very important, so we should to.

  2. and that’s how the democrats play politics.
    I don’t trust them, and certainly wouldn’t vote for one.
    3 card monte is what it is

  3. That’s a shame.

    I wonder if anyone will have the giblets to pick up the flag Gabbard dropped and carrying on the fight? Can’t be anyone who is white. Castro is too stupid and I think Sparticus is hoping to get VP. Whereas Beto self identifies as non white he may take a swing but then that would open him up to getting white privilege treatment for his DUI. Old Joe may get crazy and do it but he will have his mental limits strained trying to remember which decade he is in. No, Harris for the win.

  4. FDR Is there room for all these fookers? Is Satin not running out of space. I heard from my dear Mother in Heaven that there are one bed room condos galore up there.
    She asked if she should hold one for me. I told her to hold off for a while. She’s a Real Estate agent up there and the Boss is really pushing her to get these condos occupied. She says, the future looks bleak?
    Too many people going to Hell.

  5. D’rats rigging the election process? ………………………NO WAY!!!! say it ain’t so


  6. Debate presence criteria involves fundraising.
    It goes against my nature, but multiple by a large number of hold your nose patriots showering $20s on Gabbard might be the kill shot on Hairless.

  7. @ Moe… There’s plenty of room for everyone down here.

    Lucifer has reserved a nice spread for the Obamas overlooking the Boiling Lake. Martha’s Boneyard has much better climate in the Winter than Martha’s Vineyard.

  8. So, will Tulsi learn anything about her “friends”? MY guess is absolutely not. Frankly, to me, she and (shudder) Bullock seemed the least insane of the lot. Good to see the crazies drop her. Can the execrable (to a guy from MT) Bullock be next in the near future?

  9. As Bad Brad always pointed out…Tulsi is the only one with a brain,

    and the only true threat to Trump….Strange Days indeed.

  10. Because she makes the others look like a bunch of lunch ladies in hairnets.

    Don’t underestimate that.

  11. Gabbard needs to have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment, and ask herself: “Why the f*** am I calling myself a ‘democrat?'”

  12. She’s just Bernie without the dandruff, she’s got more in common with 0bama ( “colonial” butthurt) than she does with us.
    Remember, McCain and Bob Mueller both served in the military, too. What good that do for us?

  13. I think political parties — the way they currently exist — should be examined by the SCOTUS to determine their Constitutionality. The DNC and the RNC are nothing more than private entities that, through their own mash up of rules and by-laws, ultimately control the entire primary and general election process, decide who gets nominated and can even redistribute lawful votes from one candidate to another based on the decisions of a very small group of people. Donna Brazille, Harold Ickes, and others decided at a secret committee meeting in D.C. to give half of Killery’s Michigan primary votes (where oblowme wasn’t even on their primary ballots) and her Florida’s primary votes. They did this arbitrarily. And the voters had no say at all in the matter. Believe me, if the DNC decides Biden or Warren is to be the nominee, that’s just the way it’s going to be.

  14. …If Reince Preibus thought for a minute back in ’16 that the RNC could change the rules to make Jeb! the nominee, the RNC would have done it. They had their own secret meetings and tried every underhanded trick in the book to stop Trump. That’s why I NEVER trusted Preibus in the WH.

    This is why I think the stinking party machines need to be abolished and found unconstitutional.

  15. Lol, the democrats already picked their rising pile of shit.

    Hidey Hoo! The 2020 turd! You all smell all nice and flowery!

  16. Tulsi, a socialist put the final nail in the campaign coffin of Kamala, another socialist. Hooray!, but only celebrate there is one less Demoncrat candidate running against President Trump. Don’t be beguiled by the attractiveness, tactics or and astute intelligence of a leftist tool. Tulsi is still an unapologetic communist sympathizer.


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