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Paying For the Left’s Pseudo-Science

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  1. Erik
    You scum bag. LOL. That’s a great point. In Cali it use to be required you had Radon Gas detectors in your home. It still maybe. All bull shit. Except for the manufactures of Radon gas detectors. I’m sure there were some healthy kick backs. My home has them. THANK GOD I’M SAFE FROM RADON. Snicker.

  2. Brad, taken as individual issues we would be concerned. Taken as 25 issues that we are all faced with means we, as American Citizens need to decide and declare what we want from our Republic! Things are not looking good!

  3. The media did RADON GAS! (it always should be capitalized and have a ! )
    like it did COVID 19!

    People were cowering in bunkers (full of RADON GAS!) and jumping off bridges to get away from the evil RADON GAS!

    They had running tallies of people who got sick and/or died from RADON GAS!

  4. Climate change is a reality. Pollution & man made hot house gases along with climate deniers aka MAGA types are all to blame. My answer, please get behind my Rollin Coal diesel pickup & suck on my tailpipe.

  5. Anonymous MONDAY, 22 APRIL 2024, 23:58 AT 11:58 PM, You mean like my MB 320TD?

    You can all choke on a fat dick.

    It leaks oil. It smells bad. But you know what? It’s the only car that would even start when it was -17F.

  6. Progressivism = Marxism = Satanism

    Satan delights in increased innocent human suffering, misery and death. His followers are hell bent on impressing their Dark Prince. No one, and I mean NO ONE can have any illusion whatsoever at this juncture what they support when they cast a legitimate vote for ANY Democrat. There is no longer any recourse to claims of good intentions if one accepts Christian ideals as synonyms with goodness. Every Goddamned thing the, so called, Progressive Movement has infiltrated, seized control over and been in position to implement their agenda all eventually results in massive increases in innocent human suffering, misery and death. Every Goddamned thing without exception. It would be one thing if they could point to a single exception, but they can’t.

    The poor slobs have at this juncture knowingly and knowingly thrown in their lot with Satan. The sad part of it is that to truly change course would require that they repent and to truly repent they would have to admit their part in the destruction they are responsible for enabling. The best most are capable of is to say they were fooled, but that does not pass the straight face test when the leaders of their movement have taken the masks off and loudly and proudly announced to the entire world that Satan and all he stands for is what they embrace.

    As for the Republican establishment, what I have to say about them is that there is far more distance between them and God fearing Constitutional conservatives than there is between them and the Democrats. Fact is the latter overlap more than diverge.

    It’s a sad state we are in at this point, but it certainly wasn’t unpredictable where progressive/Marxist/Satanists would take humanity if given the opportunity.

  7. The hell of it is, in March of 2020 I was posting that I’ve been to this shitshow and Covid is nothing but Global Warming on a speeded up timeline. The same guiding hand authored, scripted and choreographed every word and every move. It’s easily recognizable to anyone capable of pattern recognition and has studied history and is intellectually capable of putting current events in context of what has gone down repeatedly. Hey, I’ve been to this show before, I already know where it’s headed and how the story ends. Is that so hard?

  8. joe6pak

    The wife and I discovered some place pretty cool. We’re to old for this shit. Maybe time for the four of us to take a road trip. Watch your e mail. Hopefully the FBI lets it thru.


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