Payless opens a hoax “Luxury” store called Palessi and gets people to spend hundreds of dollars for their shoes

Thomas Lifson has a good insight.

He wonders if the hoax store story is a hoax. Part of this gimmick is that they made industry people look foolish.

Would they really do that? Or were these “industry people” in on it as actors?

You know what really would have been great? If they called the hoax store Pelosi.



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  1. Fools and their money are soon parted.

    I’m someone that always finds value in going up a notch, in the long run. For example, I’m planning to buy a furnace for my shed. Talking with the installer, what are my options and benefits? At one end is the low price and the other end is the high price, what exactly is the difference in cost? $350?

    This will be a job where we go for the high price. Had he said $3500, my decision would have been different.

    Same with tools. Certain jobs are fine for Harbor Fright tools, like when you need to cut sockets up to undo a nut. However, for yard equipment, chainsaws, mowers, etc. Commercial quality is the best way to go. Spend double up front, or spend 4x over the lifetime of use for shitty home gamer garbage.

  2. Doesn’t make sense that it was a hoax. Why would Payless even show it if they knew making insiders look foolish would hurt them? They’d have to be pretty stupid.

  3. I often hang at a local coffee shop, and lots of cyclists meet there to go on their rides. An engineer friend once suggested making water bottle cages out of lithium since it is so light. Would probably save 5 – 10 grams, but more importantly would be a conversation piece: ‘Oh, you don’t have the new lithium cage?’ And of course they would be very expensive – after you’ve paid $10k for your bike to be ultralight, $50 more for a cage is nothing.

  4. @Left Coast Dan: back in my cycling days, I got caught up in that trap (to a certain extent) until I realized it was a lot cheaper for me to lose a few POUNDS on my gut, than to spend hundreds to save a few GRAMS on my bike.

  5. After YETI, I’ll believe anything. That stuff is so overpriced, it’s ridiculous, and yet people keep buying it.

  6. Same way with wine.

    I’d bet most couldn’t tell the difference of a $20 box (3 bottles worth) wine and a $60 bottle wine

  7. Yep, HOAX.
    Payless = BAD SHOES (as Lifson writes)
    High-end industry people DO know the difference
    (reference: The Devil Wears Prada, BELT COLORS)

  8. @BB, I have a 6′ ti blowgun, make my own darts from paneling nails, they have barbs, a poly milk jug and a plumb bob form.
    Ti is cool, tungsten is heavy man.

  9. “I like your shoes where did you get them?” Thank you, but I’m afraid they me a little out of your league, I got them at Palessi.

  10. I was told Yuengling beer, which was very regional in Pennsylvania at the time, hired a consultant to advise them on how to expand their market. He advised them to not change a thing with thee beer products, but raise the price because they were selling it for so little that people had the perception that it was inferior.

    Now they sell it all over the country.

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