Pennsylvania Making Millions by Selling Drivers’ Records

NBC10: The information on your driver’s license is a gold mine and Pennsylvania is cashing in. The NBC10 Investigators found the state has earned more than $157 million since 2010 selling driver records.

An NBC10 analysis of the more than 32,000 private companies and government agencies to which PennDOT sold driver information traced it to every state in the country.

The companies include credit agencies, insurance companies and car dealerships. The information PennDOT sold includes names, addresses, and driving histories.  MORE

5 Comments on Pennsylvania Making Millions by Selling Drivers’ Records

  1. Pa. drivers need to know exactly who in PennDOT decided to make some bucks by selling drivers’ PI. That person needs at the very least to be doxxed, and should be receiving at least a dozen email, phone, and direct mail offers per day, each, for penis enlargement, membership in NAMBLA, Kazakhstan-based security scans of his computer and phone, and lots and lots of gay porn.

    That’s at a minimum.

  2. Pennsyltucky…

    “Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in the middle.” — Former PA Governor Ed Rendell

    The current Governor is not a damn bit better.

  3. If I did this I’d go to jail. Tell me that this isn’t the behavior of a common thief or junkie. So strung out on money that they’re selling their citizens profiles for cash. Sad & pathetic.

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