Pensacola Terrorist hosted party with mass shooting videos before attack


Saudi student Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani watched mass shooting videos during a dinner party he hosted the night before he killed three innocent people in Pensacola on the Florida naval base.

Another Saudi student was recording outside the building while the shooting took place. He says 10 Saudi students are being held at the base and that several others are still unaccounted for. That is the latest information and it could change. The person who spoke to the media made his comments anonymously.

Alshamrani was shooting at random, according to the anonymous reporter. The killer said in a screed that he “hates Americans,” because of “their crimes against Muslims or humanity.”

They don’t know if his terrorist act is tied to Islamic terrorism. Yeah, that’s a tough one. Of course, he could just be mentally ill, but aren’t all terrorists?

A national security expert from the Heritage Foundation warned against making an immediate link to terrorism. read more

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  1. Military bases as gun free zones…

    Perfect, just perfect! We haven’t learned anything form the last time the muzzie shrink pulled this crap on another base…

  2. A friend of mine was working in Saudi Arabia for our company during 9-11. When it came on the news, every G-damn Saudi in the building starting cheering and getting in the faces of the Americans laughing. He had considered many of them his friends until that point. He finally wised up. They all hate us and should never be trusted. NEVER!

  3. It’s been posited that the reason for the redundant filming (one on foot, two in a car) was not just for posterity, but to make a record of reaction time and methods.

    In a weird six degrees bit, I just found out that the young man who was shot five times was a classmate and friend of my ex’s niece.

    This free-for-all slack practice of training other country’s military really needs tightening up. Currently, we’re at 5k+ of them, from over 125 countries. I would like more detail, please, since we’re footing the bill.

  4. There is a European PGA event in Saudi Arabia the same week (early Feb) as the Phoenix Open. Several top US players are accepting appearance fees for participating. Let’s see if any of these no principles guys decides not to attend. One of my least favorite golfers, Tiger Woods, continues to decline participation. He really isn’t as bad a guy as I make him out to be.

  5. They’re detaining ten thus far, with several others still unaccounted for.

    Gosh, I hope they don’t run out of secure space. I mean, they’re gonna need a helluva lot more cells when they round up those 44 Afghani troops who went AWOL while training at US bases several years ago.

    Surely someone from MP or LE has been looking for those guys. I read one story about it during obama’s “Not One Scandal” administration, and then poof, never mentioned again. I’m sure they caught them 🙄

  6. “10 Saudi students are being held at the base and that several others are still unaccounted for” 😡

    HANG ‘EM HIGH. 😡

  7. He was vetted in 2017, but not since?
    It’s really a good thing that our gov’t trusts foreigners using our military hardware, but doesn’t trust you and me if we want to fly on a commercial airplane. It’s a good thing, really. 😉

  8. Plain & simple: it was terrorism.
    Plain & simple: we should cease ALL training of foreign military personnel. Send them all home and focus on OUR military.

  9. If you love radical islamists, you’ll definitely want to be a part of the swamp/left/islamic axis.

    Just ask pelosi, clinton, bush, mccain (dig him up and ask him), romney, comey, warren, sanders, biden, obama, soros and the rest of the gang.

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