Pentagon Releases Raid on al- Baghdadi Footage


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  1. I could only get the second video to play
    But awesome!
    Did see a few seconds on first video of people scattering far below when they realized USA was there

  2. Little known fact. Today is my Birthday.
    And this may be the best gift I get all day!
    Thanks to our tremendous military our fearless leader and to BFH for sharing!

    God Bless!

  3. …I really need to pray on this…as a Christian, we should weep for ANY life God made that is lost forever to the Lord as this person was, no matter how evil they’ve become, because they were made by the same Lord that made us, and were precious to him once.

    …problem is, as a human with a sense of justice, I am impatient when I see a murderous fuckwad like this slaughter his way through others of God’s children in the name of Satan, as he enriches himself with fame and power and contines to breed with women whether they are willing or no, to propagate his evil into the next generation while his victims are burned shreds of bone in lonely unmarked graves.

    I should NOT delight in his demise…but I DO.

    …yes, I really need to pray on this.

    …because I ENJOYED those videos.

    And I’m STILL glad that bastard was sent to hell in small bits.

    …and I would be nothing but grateful if Democrats in Congress were to share his fate.

    Lord, help me…

  4. Just as it should be. No reason to risk US lives trying to be nice. Fire with fire. Was at the VA yesterday and we have more than enough warriors who have given America more than honor in their duty. Unlike many of our lame leaders in Washington who hate America and spend their days bad mouthing us. I’m sure you can think of a few who fit my description.

  5. …and God bless those troops, wherever they are. They did a stellar job, and there reward for it will likey be getting doxxed by Democrats who will put their lives and their families lives in danger under fatwa, with their exposure done just because Democrats hate the President and this Nation and want BOTH to fail, and do NOT care who dies to meet that end…

  6. I love the smell of cordite in the morning.
    Smelled like victory.
    /Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore
    Looks like that compound was pounded.


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