People are losing their common sense, and in the process, they’re losing their humanity.

Mom and 2-Yr-Old Boy With Asthma Reportedly Kicked Off American Airlines Flight, Greeted By Police, Over Baby’s Refusal to Keep Mask On His Face [VIDEO]

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  1. People have the power to stop all of this they just need to figure out what to do with the American Nazis. Employer mandates vaccines and or masks, everyone walk out. Everyone quit flying until airlines goes to the government and says this isn’t working. Schools ditto, leave them empty.
    Hospitals are a little touchier subject, but they’re going to destroy them anyway so walk out.

    Employers in all fields are insane these days anyway, they already can’t find people to work but they’re willing to run off more?

    I’m about to warn the city folks about something they often ignore, your food supply is about to become scarce. Too much farmers and ranchers are having a hard time getting, fertilizer for crops, even the plastic to ship stuff in. Feed stores are no longer fully stocked, due to lack of grain and lack of shipping bags, containers, etc. Our feed prices are up 25% since last year and 30% since the previous year.
    Less pork, chicken, and beef is going to the big corps as more and more ranchers are not only selling their meat locally, they’re building their own processing facilities to sell locally. Three in my county alone within the last year have built their own processing, all three are large ranchers who have taken their beef out of the market, one not only took their meat, but their pork out as well. Tyson the largest poultry producer can’t process all of their chickens for lack of workers.
    Livestock barns are closing down due to lack of hogs and cattle being sold, which means feed lots can’t buy enough to feed everyone. Like feed lots or not, that’s the only way to feed so many who don’t feed themselves anymore.

    Then in the meantime Israel just keeps on jabbing and just keeps on causing more variants and more illness and deaths and the good ol’ USA can’t keep this hidden much longer. Every day I hear someone else say they’ve gotten their booster and this is before it’s even supposed to have started.

  2. Old Racist White Woman, as usual, you are spot on. To amplify what you said about food but extending it to our whole supply chain:

    “Record Shattered: 61 Container Ships Stuck Waiting Off California” :


    “Biden’s vax mandate could collapse trucking supply lines, leading to instant shortages of food, fuel and medicines” :

    Apparently, I hear there are also statements showing up on the Internet from ranchers in various states cancelling orders from Blue states.

  3. The only thing that Im concerned with is medicine supply. My hubby is a diabetic has high blood pressure etc. These are meds you cant stock up like aspirin, Aleve, vitamins.

  4. My daughter, son in law and my 2 granddaughters were going to try to fly home from Nashville to Spokane for Thanksgiving but won’t now because my 2 granddaughters who are 4 and 2 and would have to wear a friggin mask so they won’t be coming home this year. They also thought about driving up here but that’s not a good idea because of the weather and road conditions around Thanksgiving can be pretty hairy that time of year, so more than likely they’ll stay in Nashville this year. I hate all this bs that has restricted nearly all of of our freedoms to get together as a family, it’s getting beyond ridiculous. And I won’t go there because of time constraints and refusal to wear a mask in oreder to fly. Gimme a friggin break, let’s end this COVID scamdemic nonsense and get back to normal and be free again to get together with one another as we please.

  5. A third person I work with, who is vaxxed, has had a light but chronically wet sounding cough every day for over a week.

  6. I’ve been on a work site on and off over the past 3 weeks. The home owners are a very young ER doc and his pregnant-with-twins wife. They also have a 2 year old who attends day care a few days per week. While working I overheard a somewhat heated exchange between them in which she complained how hard it was to make their toddler wear her mask. The husband told her that she’s going to have to “get used to it” because she’s going to be wearing one for “a long time” and they’d need her to comply if they were going to fly anywhere.

    I pity these young people who have been brainwashed into believing everything the “news” and their party tell them.

  7. And now we have Killer Joe Biden keeping people from getting Monoclonal Antibodies to help save their lives. This A hole, freely killing people and jobs on an 24/7 hourly basis, has to go!!

  8. General Malaise
    There have many things needed that people can’t get, but they can live without. Food is not one of them they can live without, but people are so far removed from their food they seem to think grocery stores just have plenty more in the back.
    I tried to warn some family and they told me their store was fully stocked, so they weren’t real worried. I’m the only sibling and cousin who stuck to our roots and it’s like the rest have forgotten exactly where their food comes from and what it takes to grow it.

    I’m not a crop farmer, but I have friends that are and I know there is some crops they didn’t grow this year for lack of what they needed. The largest in the area that are a 5 generation operation are worried because less crops means less money, then when they did get what they could get they paid two prices for it. Then of course diesel is through the roof.

    That not only effects food people eat, but feed animals eat. Winter is coming and we need feed and for the first time in my life I have to call before I go to see how much feed they have in stock.

    Things are going to get far worse before they get better, if they ever do.

  9. Boycotting the airline industry won’t work. The Biden administration will simply bail them out, either with your money or more money borrowed from China.

  10. We seem to be in a world war? Propaganda check, death check, starvation check, lockdowns check, indefinite detention check, disease check, and police state check. Did I miss anything?

  11. If the other people would stand up and not allow that kind of thing it would stop.
    They can’t kick off the entire plane load of passengers and survive.

  12. When an asthmatic 2 year old can’t breathe because of a mask, call the police to arrest him.

    When a drug addicted career criminal can’t breathe because of an overdose, arrest the police.

    Clown World.

  13. A two-year-old’s survival instincts are wrong, but Joe never-told-the-truth in his entire sin-infested life is correct.

    Remove biden* now
    Then remove Ho harris.
    Then remove pelosi.

    Keep removing them, from life on this planet if need be, until sanity is restored. I can’t do bent over passive victim much longer.

  14. It’s getting nucking futs out there!

    Will do my best to try not to do a SNS length…

    Some of you here know more about me than all, because of an “e-mail group” where I send out a certain amount of crap. This is repeat condensed version for some. I work weekends playing rent-a-cop (as in right now) and they know I haven’t been vaccinated. Last Sunday I went inside the security center when I arrived to get a couple of forms for duplicating at one of the offices in the plant. Came back around to the center and waited outside for shift change, because the guy I’m relieving is bat shit crazy about masks, distancing, etc., etc. Waiting for him to leave so I can go in. He came out and started raving and getting verbally/physically threatening and somehow I did not respond figuring an “assault with intent” charge or worse wasn’t the thing to sign up for. He finally left with no physical contact being made. Where am I going with this?

    Getting up in someone’s “space” because they came into the building you were in? I had the face diaper on because I knew how f’ed in the head he is. Could have ended very badly and even my daughter said she was surprised and proud of me for not nailing him. He left and I started shaking like I had palsy. No release for the adrenalin rush for what should have taken place. The Karens and Karls are really not aware of perhaps how many times they’ve come very close to having their body parts rearranged. And when not on the job it could be worse in that it’s unarmed security. The only time I don’t carry. Anyone familiar with the phrase, “I was in fear for my life.” ?

    So while I was dealing with that one I have another acquaintance with family history of blood clots that decided it was a good idea to get the jab. His eight year old found him dead Sunday morning. Blood clot in the leg broke free and went to his heart and killed him. Fifty-one years old. That would be number three that I would attribute to the jab, but no solid verification on the first two I was made aware of. Is it possible that the jab didn’t kill all three that I’m aware of? Maybe, but I know what I’m thinking/believing. This without adding or taking into account the reports from daughter treating those messed up from the jab in the pediatric practice she works in (without compromising HIPPA). For the younger ones VERY BAD.

    I find that currently the anger level is constant on simmer without looking to turn the heat up. Another thread ender as this moves down in Q and makes it easier to vent if I think most won’t read it.


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