Is There No Bottom To How Dumb Don Lemon Is?

No matter how dumb Don Lemon’s comments are, Fredo seems to nod in agreement. This exchange about the vaccine hesitant is about as dumb as it gets.

Lemonhead, at this late date, when even the dumbest of the dumb have figured this one out, stupidly draws an analogy between the jab and polio and measles shots.

This asshole thinks the Covid shot is an immunization. It’s astounding that he is an anchor on a show that is seen by, literally, hundreds of people a night.

There are other equally dumb statements made, but, if you’re like me, and love tragedy in your comedy, you’l enjoy seeing this for yourself.

24 Comments on Is There No Bottom To How Dumb Don Lemon Is?

  1. So let me understand this, a guy who sucks cock and takes cock up his ass is going to try to “shame” me for being smart enough to not make myself a human petri dish experiment?

    Fucking sodomites.

  2. I’m certain that Don Lemon is a “bottom”.
    Intellect is able to be measured…. ignorance is boundless.

  3. Dudes the only black guy around with massive Hemroids and a bleached asshole. Fucking guy look like he’s got an albino octopus hanging off his ass and he’s going to lecture the rest of us. Only on CNN.

  4. What this buck-broken idiot is not telling you is that the FDA NEVER tested this vaccine. They just simply “approved” it.

  5. “the tyranny of the minority” ??

    Ohh that’s rich. The unvaxxed who ask questions and deal with being persuaded, reminded, pressured, incentivized, lied to, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished, criminalized… are the tyrants??? Just because they don’t want to live their lives shot-to-shot in order to be graced with temporary freedom??

    ooooooooK buddy.

  6. “What’s the difference between the polio/measles shots and this??”

    What a stupid fucking question.
    The DIFFERENCE is that those inoculations were actually tested for years before they were administered.
    And THOSE shots actually WORKED, you turd.
    Ask another stupid fucking question.
    Hey, how’s that sexual assault case coming along?
    Paid up yet?

  7. These two idiots are a perfect representation of their viewers, numb as a pounded thumb, although in Lemon’s case, a pounded sphincter. I don’t think either of them have ever had an original thought in their entire lives, let’s face it, Lemon would be the first to proclaim that thinking is racist.

  8. If you’ve had the polio and measles vaccine; you are actually vaccinated, and thus, immune!

    The “gov’t” is telling us that the CoV unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated! Which is, of course, quite impossible if the CoV vaccine were an actual immunization.

    I guess these two dim bulbs can’t discern the subtlety of that.
    Put them on the list.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Is There No Bottom To How Dumb Don Lemon Is?

    The bottom line is, he’s a rump Ranger, he knows where the bottom is. 🙂

  10. That question answers itself! He is a lowlife, dumb african who licks his own feces off of the dick that has been jabbed up his own behind! Now that is dumb, and sick and putrid!

  11. Don LeMon is not there to recruit for Mensa, he’s there to convey a metrosexual/”any bath house in a storm” aura of excitement to the Clown News Network. Fredo is there because of who his brother was, and his usefulness as one of the trained idiots is of diminishing value–look for Chelsea Clintoon to get an audition to replace him.

  12. Don Lemon likes the bottom where his unbleached elastic starfish gets the recognition it deserves.
    One warning, though.
    He hates feather pillows.
    The foam ones taste so much better, and he secretly prefers the “My Pillow” when given the choice.


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