People recreate photos of their grandparents


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  1. I have family photos going back to 1853 – glass plates and daguerreotypes included. Love this stuff

  2. Except for hair coloring, our daughter looks exactly like a young me.

    One of my nieces looks just like my mom, her maternal grandmother, and our second oldest grandson looks more like DH than our oldest son, hid dad.

    Our youngest son looks like my grandfather.

  3. This calls for photos of Waters, Pelosi, Schiff, McCain and their ancestors, Medusa, Ilse Koch, Charlie Manson, and Judas.

  4. I’m currently going thru all of my late father’s pictures looking for fitting pictures of him throughout his life as a tribute for him for his memorial service and internment at the Eastern Wash. Veterans Cemetery in Medical Lake, Wa. next Friday. The one that really stands out is how much of an uncanny resemblance our graduation pictures from HS are to one another. I am the oldest son and our HS graduation pictures are almost the spitting image of one another 24 years apart, his in 1947 and mine in 1971. Other than me being balder than he was we pretty much look alike. Go figure, I’m turning into my Dad except for his mechanical abilities, he was a master mechanic, I didn’t become a mechanic, my 3 brothers and my son all got the mechanical genes, I didn’t, we’re pretty much the same especially in our conservative views since we’re both veterans, he was in the Air Force and I was in the Navy, my brothers didn’t have to serve since the draft ended in 1972 and they graduated from HS after Nixon ended the draft. It’s not a bad thing to take after my father, maybe when I was younger I would’ve said different (there’s no maybe about it since we butted heads quite a lot until I got to be older) but now I consider it to be a honor to bear his image.

  5. My nephew looks like my grandmother. I don’t think he wants to put on a flapper dress to take a picture…

  6. God I miss my Father & Mother’s generation and before…

    They had character that I fear is rare or none existent in anything I see these days. Had a caring morality about them that was combined with a no nonsense approach to the way they conducted their affairs.

    My daughter is the spitting image of her great great grandmother. Unfortunately the only pictures I have of the “older” are when she was sixty or older and the daughter is thirty.

    Call Mr. Peabody so I can use the “wayback” machine. to the mid to late 1800’s even with no modern medicine or conveniences I think I’d like to try that period…


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